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If you are determined to keep a healthy body then an exercise bike is essential for you. A quality exercise bike ensures great durability and unparalleled performance.

Finding the perfect exercise bike is not an easy task. There are so many suggestions you will find on the internet. But how can you be sure your picking suggestion is appropriate for you?

Before picking up a bike make sure you have read all the features and details of some bikes. I have visited some gym and fitness stores and finally made a selection of 9 best exercise bike.

To help you in getting the best bike, I will share my experience with those bikes. I will describe them in details with proper features. So keep reading the article.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike with

Say hello to this fantastic fitness bike powered by Sunny health and fitness. Sunny Health and Fitness is a renowned exercise kit producer. This exercise bike is a quality product of this company.

The thing people love about the like is its frame. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel. The dimension of the bike is 48 5 L x 20 W x 46 5 H. Every part of the bike is connected securely. The bike is so much popular among the gymnast.

Behind the popularity, there are some extraordinary features. The design of the bike is perfect for exercising. The weight capacity of the bike is also appreciated. Let’s know the main features of the bike now.


• Various Resistance Level

The most important thing is the bike has different resistance levels. From young to aged people, everyone can use it with their required resistance level. Most of the bikes don’t have this feature. The feature increases the limitation of usage.

• Weight and Load Capacity

The bike has a weight of 102 pounds (46 KG.) You may feel the bike is a bit heavy. Another thing will help you to forget about weight. The load capacity of the bike is 275 pounds. So it is appropriate for any extra fat person.

• Seat and Handlebar

The seat is an important part of an exercise bike. A seat must be soft and comfortable for the user. The seat of the product is adjustable and comfortable. I sat on the seat and felt good.

Another thing I liked the distance between the seat and handle.  The minimum distance between seat and handle is 17.5 inch and maximum 22 inches. There was no collusion between my knee and the frame. Besides, the handles are customizable, durable and multi-grip.

• Advanced features

The bike is compatible with some advanced features such as transportation wheel, belt drive mechanism, dual felt pad resistance and more.

The attachment of wheel helps it in transportation. Belt drive mechanism ensures a smooth workout.


• Easy to install.

• Sturdy construction with steel body frame.

• Comfortable sitting position.

• Eye-catching design.

• Proper distance among the body parts.


• There is no odometer.

• Sometimes your leg can be displaced from the pedals as they do not contain strap.

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2. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a simple but durable cycling bike which won’t consume more space, then I have an option for you. You can give a try on Exerpeutic Gold Heavy-duty Foldable Exercise Bike. The name says many things, right? Okay, let’s see why it is worth to be recommended.

The best part of this cycling bike is its folding ability. Many times we cannot manage to keep a cycling bike because of the short space on our little apartments. In this case, a foldable bike will be the best option just like this one.

Another advantageous side of this supportive fitness bike for weight loss is its speedometer and time monitor. A little but clear LCD monitor is there to show you how long you are cycling and how many kilometres you can cross on that estimated time of cycling.


• Smartphone Connection

This advanced-level fitness bike is equipped with a Bluetooth smart cloud function. Just connect your smartphone with the device on its monitor using Bluetooth function. And you will get to know about your heartbeats, burned calories, distance, time of cycling, etc.

• Adjustability and foldability

It doesn’t matter how tall you are, you can comfortably use this fitness bike as you can adjust the height of the seat. Also, it is very easy to fold up the bike. The folding dimensions of this bike are 22 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 57 inches in height.

• 8 Level Magnetic Sensor

There is an 8 level magnetic sensor of hardness. If you want to cycle using more strength to burn more calories with a few minutes, you can use the high sensor level. Otherwise, go easy with the lower one.

• Comfortability

The cushioned seat will never make it hard to sit on it for a long time. Also, it is very durable as a good quality synthetic leather is used to make it. Also, the handle is covered with a knob made with soft rubber. So, it will definitely make you comfortable on it.


• Advanced Bluetooth connection.

• LCD monitor to show detail information.

• Foldability and easy to transport.

• Precision-balanced flywheel for a long-lasting performance.

• Can be kept in a little space.


• Nothing very serious has found yet.

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3. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Here is another supportive fitness cycling bike for the heavy-duty performers. This one is from Yosuda, a leading gym accessories manufacturer of today’s time. However, I am now talking about Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike, which is well known as one of the most durable cycling bikes for the gymnasts.

Let’s come to the point. Here I will let you know about why you should purchase it and what the reasons for its professional recommendation are. Well, this one has come with an SGS certification which ensures its true quality and complete performance.

Another thing I should make it clear that your weight and height won’t be a problem for this cycling bike. It is designed for the best performance for most body sizes. Also, you can move it from room to room just with one if your hands and it has a hood number of attractive features.


• Flywheel

A 35 lbs flywheel is there to make the paddling process harder for you. This way, you will be able to lose more weight in a short time with less effort. Also, you can use the level sensor that let you adjust the level of hardness.

• Comfortability

The seat with extra cushioned foam is the best part of this cycle. It is even more comfortable to sit on it than a real bike. Also, stitch divided synthetic leather is used cover up the cushion. This way, it looks pretty good and ensures more comfortability.

• Adjustability and transportation

Seat adjustment is the most common feature for any cycling bike. Well, it is included here too. So, you don’t have think about the sitting position as you can customize it. Also, it is very easy to move it here and there. Because 4 mini size wheels are there adjusted to the base frame and let you move it smoothly.

• Monitor facility

An LCD digital monitor is also there on the handlebar. It will let you know about how long you are paddling and how many kilometres you can go with that paddling time. At the same time, it will inform you about your heartbeats and other basic information.


• 35 lbs flywheel.

• Digital LCD monitor.

• Table mount for keeping tablets to watch videos.

• SCG certification.

• Strong resistance knob.


• There is no non-slip pad on the paddles and so, your feet can displace easily.

4. Cyclace Exercise Bike

The next option for you is here. It is Cyclace Exercise Bike. If you are search for an exercise bike generally used by the professional, you can try this one. Because the functions of this exercise bike is not like of a regular one. There are much more and you will get a comparatively better aftermath of using this supportive exercise bike at your home.

The design of this handy fitness bike is very unique. You will get the same effect of climbing, running, weightlifting, dumble support, and so on. Also, this product is fully adjustable and you can customize its length for your better-using position.

Now, it’s time to clarify the features and functions of this exercise bike. So, you should be more attentive to check whether all your requirements are available here or not. Also, you should learn about its uniqueness and specifications well if you fix your mind to buy this bike.


• Flywheel and Extra Brake Pad

There is a flywheel with 36 lbs weight. Also, it is very smooth to spin around. Such kind of flywheel is good for faster weight loss. Also, there is a wool brake pad friction. The function of this part is to reduce noise. So, it won’t let you exercise peacefully.

• Comfortable Handlebar and Paddle

There is a multi-padded PVC handlebar used in this bike. It will help you go hold the bars comfortably. The paddle with a protection clip is also there for a better paddling experience. As there is no pad on the paddle, you cannot use it with barefoot.

• Adjustable Resistance Level and Easy Transportation

You can enhance the resistance level using the knob. The more resistance you will endure, the more it will effect on your body. Also, it has mini wheels on its base frame. It will help you to move the machine easily  from one place to another with.

• Seat Support and Holders

There are 8 level of seat brackets available here. So, you can use it properly with no effect of your height. Also, the seat is covered with soft cushion and synthetic leather for a cosy feeling. You can enjoy keeping your phone and an water bottle in two separated holders adjacent you it.


• 330 lbs weight capacity.

• 8 levels of seat brackets.

• Phone and water bottle holders.

• Advanced resistance knob.

• Multi padded PVC handle cover.


• You cannot use it barefoot because of it lacking of pad on the paddles.

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5. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

The next one I want you to get introduced with is Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series.

Schwinn is another popular and well-reputed Gym accessories manufacturers. So, this exotic exercise bike has gained a better reputation among its users for its extraordinary specifications and better aftermath that it is able to produce.

This handy exercise bike is produced with very durable solid materials like stainless steel. Also, the heavy flywheel of this bike is very good to work for faster weight loss program. If your aim is to lose an estimated amount of weight with a comparatively shorter time length, then you can use it for a better result.

But first, you should be aware of the functions and specifications of this bike. It will let you be sure about your decision on it. Here, I have listed the features below alongside the pros and cons for you.


• Dual Truck Screen Display

The display used in this product is very advanced and useful. You can make a goal and set timing for your exercise. Also, it has a touch screen functions and specifications that let you operate it properly.

• Resistance Level and Comfort Setting

There is 20 different resistance level available here. You can change it as your wish. Also, the adjustable setting with extra cushioned pad is available here. You can rely on the back seat also for extra comfortability.

• USB Port and Tablet Holder

It includes a multifunctional USB port with it. You can operate an mp3 player or charge your phone battery with it too. Also, there is a tablet holder that let you watch videos while cycling on the machine.


• 22 preset exercise pattern.

• Comfortable setting and paddle.

• Unlimited weight capacity.

• Auto spinning flywheel.

• Goal tracker and USB portals.


• Comparatively big in size.

• A bit more expensive.

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6. Best Choice Products Folding Upright Exercise Cycling Bicycle

You can also try another exclusive cycling bike from Best Choice. This time, it is the Best Choice Products Folding Upright Exercise Cycling Bicycle. This durable and super flexible cycling bike is crafted with a lot of supportive functions.

This compact size cycling bike is well structured and can hold people with over 220 lbs. So, with its weight capacity, there should have no confusion left. Also, the material of this bike is durable enough to provide you with long-lasting service and excellent performance.

All the materials that are used to craft this cycling bike are good to provide better performance. The quality of the materials won’t let the parts of the bike get junked. So, you can be assured that you will get a satisfying performance from this product. Here, I have added other details of this product here.


• Flexible Handlebars

A pair of flexible and adjustable handlebars is attached with the handle of this bike. The handlebars of this cycling bike are designed with an advanced ergonomic style which works well to deliver a comfortable ride. Also, it allows you to get advantages of multiple hand positions.

• Durable and Foldable Frame

Heavy-duty steel is used to craft the frame of this bike. So, you don’t have to worry about its durability. This is the reason for the huge weight capacity of this product. Also, you can keep it folded when you are not using it.

• Easy Transportation and Adjustability

There are 4 smooth mini wheels are attached with the base frame of this cycle. So, you can move it from room to room very easily. Also, the distance between the base and the seat is adjustable. You can keep it long from 17 inches to 22 inches. So, stay assured the there is no chance it will make you uncomfortable.

• Seat and Knob

Your comfort on a cycling bike is depending on its seat and the knob. In this case, you don’t have to think about those two facts. Because a synthetic leather seat is there with a comfortable cushion. And knob is good to hold for a long time because of its advanced micro resistance materials.


• 220 lbs of weight capacity.

• Easy transportation.

• Flexible and adjustable handlebars.

• Micro-Adjustable resistance knob.

• Folding dimensions of 26 inches in length, 21 inches in width, and 50 inches in height.


• Nothing very significant has found yet.

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7. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser

If you are aiming at keeping your body fit or losing your weight then an exercise bike is very much beneficial for you. DeskCycle 2 is a kind of mini exercise bike which is more appropriate for busy workers. You can use it under your table while working your office task. Once I had visited a gym store and found out this exception mini bike.

The bike looks mini but the features of the bike are broad. As it is a mini bike you can easily replace the bike from here to there. The weight of the bike is also in the range of carrying it. It is just 23 pounds.

The main part of the bike is the pedal. DeskCycle gives importance to the fact and made adjustable pedals. Now let’s get some knowledge about other amazing features.

• Adjustable Pedals

In case of a mini bike, pedals are really important. When you work under any desk and the padel level is higher, it will create friction between your leg and the desk. The pedals of this bike can set to different heights. The maximum height level is 10 inches. So you can exercise under any 27″ desk without facing any problem.

• 5 Functional Full Day Display Console

The thing I most appreciate is the LCD display console of the bike. It can count your exercise report of 10000 minutes or 160 hours.  A people generally workout 3 or 4 hours a day. So there is no chance of losing your exercise report.

There are 6 functions available in the console. You will provide the speed, burnt calories, distance, time and more.

• 8 Resistance Level

Gladly information you there is 8 resistance level available in the bike. So you can easily maintain how much pressure you will take. Besides this feature make is appropriate for all ages of people. The magnetic resistance mechanism makes it smoother to use.

• Additional features

There are some other cool features available. The bike has iPhone and desktop applications. Using the application you can create your account and update your exercise activities. So you will never lose your activity and check out your regular activities whenever you want.

It is also compatible with Kensington slot. It securely attaches your bike to the desk. The existing flywheel also makes your pedalling easier.


• Works anywhere you want.

• Easy to carry.

• Smooth pedalling system.

• Multifunctional console.

• Beautiful design.


• As it is a mini bike you won’t get any seat with it.

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8. FlintFit Cycli: Bluetooth Portable Stationary Cycle

Get introduced with the world’s first Bluetooth exercise bike from Flintfit. Having some iconic features the bike is at present a popular exercise bike. There are so many reasons to keep this bike in my top 9 exercise bike selection.

This bike is way much lighter than any other bikes. It is just 29 pounds. You can easily work keeping it under any lower desk (lowest 27″.) The touch screen display is another good attraction to the desk. You can use your legs to control the console.

Calory burning is fun when you have this mini cycli. You can use it while working, watching TV or sitting on a couch. Here I will show you some other important features of the bike


• Magnetic Resistance

For smooth pedalling magnetic resistance is very much helpful. The bike is compatible with this feature. Besides, there is 8 resistance level. So it can support you in the last hour of work to Sunday morning exercise.

Another advantage of 8 level resistance is, it provides an accurate rate of calory burn. Besides, the features even make it easier for your grandma.

• Functional LCD Display

There is also an integration of a large LCD display. It is in an accurate position to look at the display.

The console has some common functions. It will provide how much time you have spent in exercising, travelled distance, you speed and others. Another thing they are assuring is the report of burnt calories. The company claims the bike provides more accurate reports than other bikes.

• Other Advantageous Features

Happy to know that the bike you can transfer your regular working report to your phone. I have already mentioned, this is a Bluetooth exercise bike. First thing you have to do is to install the cycli app and then connect it with the bike. So, you can check out your regular progress using the app.

The app is framed having steel and aluminium body. So, undoubtedly this is a durable bike. All the legs are also connected with slip-resistant mat.


• Touch screen 46mm LCD display.

• Accurate report on calories.

• Lightweight and easily portable.

• Slip resistance mat included.

• Appropriate for all ages of people.


• The bike is not rechargeable.

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9. MaxKare Under Desk Bike Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

This time, it is quite a different one from the regular cycling bike. It is a mini size under desk bike that you can use anywhere and everywhere. Even you can use it on your office while doing your work keeping it under your office desk. Well, it is MaxKare Under desk Bike Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike.

There is just a part holding the paddle there. So, you can sit on the chair and paddle around the bike. If you want hand support, there is two flexible handles with stitched rope. So, you can hold it comfortably and there will be no need to adjust anything.

This type of mini exercise bike is especially recommended for them who don’t have much space to keep a regular size exercise bike. However, it may seem to be small in size, but it has no lacking in specifications.


• Mini LCD Monitor

Many times, we see that loss of regular exercise bikes are available in the market where there is no LCD monitor. But this one includes a small or clear monitor to show your every single information of your cycling session and basic health status of you.

• Size and Weight

As I said it before that it is a compact size exercise bike. So, it won’t be heavier at all. However, this bike is one 23.6 inch in length, 21.8 inches in width, and 12.6 inches in height. And it is only 18.5 lbs. So, you can carry it anywhere and everywhere.

• 3 Ways of Exercise

You can exercise with 3 different ways using this handy machine. You can exercise with your arms here. You can put this bike on the table for arm exercises and get a fit pair of arms. You can also put the exercise bike on the ground and sit on a chair.  Now, you can ride for a leg exercise. With the resistance rope, you can exercise for your better arm muscles.

• Paddle and Resistance Level

There is 16 level of resistance available in this exercise bike. So, it depends only on you about how much resistance you can endure for a better result. Also, the paddles are made with a non-slip pad and supporting clip. So, your feet won’t get displaced from it.


• Compact size and easy Transportation.

• 16 levels of resistance.

• Informative LCD monitor.

• Different exercising methods.

• User-friendly design.


• Unlike a regular and multifunctional exercise bike, this mini-sized one may not bring that much faster result for you.

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Buying Guide

Exercise bikes are built considering different factors. Some bikes can provide you with a good portability but less comfort. Again some bikes are more comfortable but bigger in size.

There are some bikes which contain a standard display. While there is another one having Bluetooth function but a small display.

As there are varieties of model and features, you must have to consider some factor before buying it.

Now, I will discuss the core factors of an exercise bike. The discuss below must help you in choosing the right bike for you. So, let’s go to the discussion.

1. Who will use it?

The first thing you need to make sure who is going to use the bike? If it is for you and you are a strong person then you don’t need much resistance level. 2 or 3 resistance level will work for you.

When you are buying it for any overaged people then you must have to buy one with a higher resistance level. I have discussed some bike those have 8 resistance level. Also, make sure the bike is compatible with magnetic resistance features.

2. Where will you use?

Are you going to use it in your office or while working or watching TV? If it is then I suggest you buy a mini bike. Mini bikes are lighter in weight. It is also easy to carry here and there. I have described some mini bikes who are compatible with some great features.

If you have a particular time for exercising then a standard size bike is perfect for you. They are more efficient than the mini bikes. The only disadvantage of large exercise bike is they are not easy to move.

3. Functional Console

Most of the exercise bike contains a display console which is programmed with different functions. If you start an exercise routine then a multifunctional console will be helpful for you.

Try to find a bike with a multifunctional console. It will better if it works as an odometer. Make your the console can report your speed, distance, burnt calories and other. There are some bikes which can be connected with web applications. It can monitor your exercise and keeps report on your regular workout.

4. Durability and Design

When you are investing your money on a product you must want long-lasting performance. If the product is durable then it must last long. Make sure your bike is made of high-quality materials. Check out the joint connection. And most importantly, if you find any defect on the product, don’t buy it.

Design is another major fact. Make sure you can keep the bike in your room without having any problem. Check out the external parts. Sit on the bike and understand whether it is comfortable or not. Look all around the product and think if you like it or not. Check out the console, resistance, pedals, grip and others.

5. Load Taking Capacity

In most of the cases, you don’t have to consider this fact. People who are extra fact, I recommend you to check the load taking capacity of the bike before buying it. Every bike has a maximum level of weight capacity. If you put excess weight on it, it may not last long or break anytime. So, be aware of the fact.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am almost at the end of my article. Before ending I want to share one more thing. I have heard so many questions about exercise bikes. When you were reading the article you may face some questions like them. Here I am showing some FAQs about exercise bikes

Q: What are the main functions of a display console?

A: A display console generally reports your exercise activities such as speed, time, burnt calories etc.

Q: How many hours I should exercise with a mini bike?

A: People generally use it for 3 to 4 hours. If you are working with good effort then, 2 hours is enough.

Q: How can I increase my ability and exercise more?

A: It won’t increase overnight. You have to work out more and more. First, start exercising with low resistance level. Increase the level day by day. I hope you will get a good result.

Final words

Reading the article you must get a clear insight on everything about an exercise bike. I have represented the best 9 exercise bikes with proper information.

Hopefully, you will be able to select the appropriate bike if you follow the guide and suggestion.

Thank you.

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