Best Bike Tail Lights


A taillight is a necessary feature for all the bikers. A quality taillight is compatible with some important features. But it’s not easy to choose a good taillight.

There are so many options on the internet and the market. It’s really hard to choose one having lots of suggestions. Besides, you don’t know which one is reliable. I also faced the same problem when I bought a taillight for my cycle.

I know which feature is important and which is not. I have searched a lot on the internet and checked some directly. Finally, I have made a selection of the best taillights. In this article, I will share my selection of best bike lights 2020 with you.

1. CYCLIQ Fly6 CE HD Bike Camera + Rear Light

Are you facing problem to find out an excellent bike camera with rear light? Don’t worry! Here is a dashcam with rear light from CYCLIQ. This super amazing dashcam and rear cam are designed for Cyclists.

The product offers to shoot super HD camera video at up to 60 frames per second in 1920 x 1080p resolutions with audio. And the super bright 100-Lumen light gives the rider clear vision at day or night.

The camera has bike alarm security in your smartphone if the bike is moved is a great safety issue. This camera with light is a tiny (1.7″ x 1.4″ x 3.3″) and lightweight (3.84 ounces) product but very efficient.


1080p Full HD Bike Camera with 100-Lumen light

The excellent sharp HD video with ultra-wide 135° viewing angel and has 6-axis image stabilization that captures different numbers of plates and footage incidents very clearly. And the super bright light comes in 3 modes with a dimming option. It can operate with the camera only. If the camera batteries run low then the camera instinctively turns off by giving the light enough battery power for another 30 minutes.

Massive 7 HR battery power(camera)

The product will take only 2 hours to get fully charged. Unlike other rider cameras, this battery will last longer-up to 7 hours.


Fly6 CE manages looping videos which means it won’t run out of shortage space on a microSD card (Not included). But if the camera finds out any incident with rider it will automatically capture it and preserve the footage.

Record, Edit and Share

The camera connects with the CycliqPlus mobile app via Bluetooth and to PCs, it works with USB. The free CycliqPlus Desktop software will let you edit the footage and share it on social media.


• Several light modes and very bright light.

• Wide-angle with an amazing resolution of the video to capture both sides of the road.

• The bike alarm safety system is great for riders.

• Bluetooth works very fairly and connects very well while driving.


• It is hard to find any negative point about the camera and light.

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2. Cygolite Hotshot- 100

When you are seeking for a bike tail light which is super bright then Cygolite is here with this one. The light is designed to use both day and night.

Cygolite is an American trusted bicycle light expert since 1991. You can ask why you will use the light in daylight. The reason is the daylight’s powerful flash will highlight your presence in daylight.

This is a very small product with great utility. The dimension of this light is 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 2.5″. The light is very lightweight(2.4 ounces). The light comes in 6 different modes which are very helpful for bikers.


Powerful light

100 Lumen tail light which adjusts with brightness and flash speeds automatically. This powerful tail light can compete with other superior quality tail lights. As it comes with six different modes, you can easily adjust those using only two-button operation. 

These six modes are Steady, Zoom, Steady Pulse, Daylighting, Triple flash, Random flash. Pretty cool, right!


One flash mode Steady Pulse will alert you with pulses with its overlapping steady beams. This helps the motorcyclists to maintain the minimum distance.


The light needs 2.30 hours to get fully charged. Its power can combine with every bit of the road with an extra-wide beam. The battery will long last up to 270 hours with just one single charge with minimum brightness.

Mounting system

You can easily mount it on both sides, seat posts and seat stay. The mounting system gives you the facility to slide the light to your favourable angel.


• The light is very durable with an expert battery.

• The six different light modes are beneficial

• Extraordinary battery power.

• Day and night both preference.

• Favourable price.


• This product has hardly any negative points.

Check the product on Amazon

3. Exposure Tracer ReAKT Rechargeable Taillight

Now time for another wonderful taillight description from Exposure. It is one of the best mountain bike lights 2020. This light comes in one size and only one colour. The light is super powerful and the battery is very long-lasting.

This light will give you maximum visibility with some very quite unique functions. When you are riding in a bike, this light will give you enough brightness but don’t worry. It won’t blind other riders beside or in front of you!

This light has some cool functioning by which it will automatically dim and adjust the brightness. The product is not a very weighty thing, only 4 ounces.


Bulbs and power

This light comes in two different modes. They are Constant and flash. The bulbs of the light are XPE-R LED, which gives brightness. The power source is rechargeable 700mAh Lithium-ion. The lumens are 75 – 120.


The light’s battery power is very long-lasting. With one charge it can run almost 48 hours without any problem. Made with a lithium-ion battery this light can be durable.


Sometimes it causes an accident because the light of anyone’s bike is so bright that the front or side bikers get blind for a few minutes and boom! But if you use this Tracer ReAKT light, you don’t have to worry about blinding other bikers. The ReAKT technology will work its cool functioning system then.

It will automatically dim when you will be in the middle or front of any cycling group. But it will instinctively brighten up when you will at the back. This extraordinary light can detect light conditions and adjust the brightness easily without blinding others.


• The bulbs and battery give super bright light.

• The battery burns for a long time.

• It comes in different two modes.

• Have a quite cool functioning system.


• This product doesn’t have many bad points.

Check the product on Amazon

4. KNOG Blinder Road R70 Rear USB Rechargeable Light

KNOG is known as the best brand for making urban flavoured materials for the road, trails, outdoors. You will get the best road bike lights here. These bike lights by KNOG are very light in weight. It is very easy to attach with the seat, gives very bright light and has an effective flashing mode.

It has several useful modes. You will get some interchangeable silicone straps that will retain the light to the bike. This blinder series also offers you a helmet mounting kit which is more useful as they are headlights. The headlights will make mounting easier without any kind of tools.

Both the front light and rear light is very easy to detach or reattach to the bike. It has a brilliant USB stub. You will not have to tension about losing your pesky chord. Unlatching the straps you just have to plug it straight in the charging point.


Water and dustproof

The blinder series lights are absolutely waterproof and dustproof. It is sealed with a feature of standard IP67. This high standard allows you to ride your bike through any type of watery or dusty place. Your blinder road light series will always shine like the new one.

Powerful battery

It is featured with a very powerful lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries have an excellent storage mode which saves battery while the lights are not in use over a prolonged period. It is also equipped with a low battery indicator which reminds you of the battery condition of the lights.

USB rechargeable

It charges very easily with the USB recharge facility. It has an excellent USB port built-in which is also movable. You will not have to worry about losing the worrisome chord. You just need to plug straight into the USB port to recharge the lights.


• Lightweight.

• Innovative charging system.

• Lasts a long time.

• Has five different light modes.

• Easy to attach with the seat.


• Fitting options are poor.

Check the price on Amazon

5. CYGOLITE Hotshot Pro– 200 Lumen Bike Tail Light

The exclusive hotshot pro 200-lumen tail light is available here presented by the CYGOLITE brand. It can shine the brightest in the daytime and at night with the intense flashes of 200 lumens. You will feel like experiencing one of the best rear bike lights.

It is designed as water-resistant, compact and durable. The weight of it is very light which is about 60 grams. Being waterproof it can be used in all type of weather conditions. The light attaches with the bike easily with a meaty rubber band. You can also take off the light from the bike easily.

The USB rechargeable facility allows you to enjoy your bike ride up to 210 hours run time. It is built-in with an interchangeable bracket. When you want to charge the light, you have to undo the rubber band first. The brand CYGOLITE always makes excellent lights and this one is of no exception.


Excellent brightness

It is enriched in 200 lumens bright light which stands out in both day and night time. The daylight flashes keep you safe on the busy roads. It has an amazing 2 button control system for each flash which will help you to maintain your awareness. You literally can’t believe how bright 200 lumen is.

Flexible mount

It includes flexible hard mounts that are safely attached to the seat posts and seat stays. Flexible mounts are easy to use and designed for professional racers as well as for everyday commuters. It ensures the highest safety of the motorist through its hard construction.

6 modes

This tail light provides you with the facility to make a selection of any mode from the available six modes. Six mode includes steady, zoom, triple flash, daylighting flash, steady pulse, random flash. Steady pulse mode keeps the motorist alert while overlapping the pulse. Zoom mode allows you to make slight changes with the brightness.


• Stand out in broad daylight and also at night time.

• Charges easily.

• Lightweight.

• Provides 6 different modes.

• Powerful brightness.


• You may not like the mounting system.

Check the price on Amazon

6. Garmin Varia RTL510, Bike/Cycling Radar Tail Light

If you want to ride smarter, you can try this Varia RTL510 radar tail light by the Garmin brand. It is very bright like other tail lights. It takes only a few minutes to set up, very easy to get on and off, very small to fit in anywhere on the bike. It is the best rear bike light for daytime.

This is charged with a USB cable with one button with which you can select among various blinking modes. Even it can change the blinking pattern when a car is detected behind. The most amazing part of this radar tail light is that it can detect a car or a motorcycle from enough distance and warns you promptly.

The tail light is brighter even in the day time with various types of patterns. It also provides audible alertness when a vehicle is approaching toward you from behind up to 153 yards away. Battery life is very good which is 15 hours in flashing mode and 6 hours in night flash mode.


Alertness sensor

This Varia radar tail light can track everything and make you alert being in the behind of your helmet. You don’t have to bother about tracking your distance, speed, route. This radar will alert you both visibly and audibly when a vehicle will approach towards you.

Mounting facility

It has a very nice sleek vertical design for mounting. It offers a very easy flexible mount attached safely with seat posts and seat stays. It is designed for road cyclists, professional bike racers and also for everyday commuters.

Powerful visibility

The light shines bright both in the day time and at night. It offers visibility during daytime up to a mile away and also visible in the 220-degree range. You can ride peacefully through a rural road or a busy street. You can also alter flash mode during night time and enjoy your ride.


• Has amazing alertness facility.

• Durable.

• Easily rechargeable.

• Has a screen display to keep you more alert.

• Installation is easy.


• Price is a little high.

Check the price on Amazon

7. CANWAY Bike Tail Light

CANWAY is a famous brand for manufacturing top quality products according to people’s needs. If you intend to ride your bike after darkness has appeared then this led light presented by CANWAY will be the best choice for you. This is one of the best bike lights for night riding

This tail bike light is very easy to install and takes only a few minutes to set up. Allows easy attachment and detachment from the handlebars, seat post, frame or helmet within a second without the help of any other tools.

This light is provided with one rubber strap which ensures your safety. It is rechargeable with the USB cable, so you will not have to tension about riding for a prolonged period. You will get a user manual when you will receive it.



This light gives excellent brightness to show you the path. It provides 260-degree wide-angle visibility which is greater than many other bike lights. It consists of COB lamp beads which create a super bright light to increase visibility.

USB rechargeable

It is rechargeable with the USB cable. So you don’t have to waste your money in buying the batteries again and again. You can charge it through any kind of device with the USB port such as the computer. To get fully charged it only takes 2 hours

Multiple modes

It offers you various modes for applying. You can change the modes according to your needs and make your riding more enjoyable. You can ride your bike in all conditions and weather as this tail light is fully waterproof.


• Wide range of visibility.

• Innovative charging system.

• Durable.

• Easy to set up.

• Easy mounting.

• Requires no battery.


• No so good for daylight use.

Check the price on Amazon

8. Stupidbright SBR-1 Rear Bike Tail Light Strap-On LED Micro Bicycle Lights

Here comes another effective rear light from Stupidbright. The bike light uses precision cut openings which is a safety feature. The design provides all side light spilling. That means you will get 180-degree light visibility. Now you have no fear of losing sight of other vehicles.

The light is highly durable. It is made with high-quality aluminium. It is both waterproof and shockproof. The O-ring design provides waterproof protection. It is very much lighter in weight. It is less than 1oz. The thing you will love about the light is, it takes a very short time to mount it. The company claims you can

mount it in just 2 seconds. They are right, most of the customers also said it.

The light can be used in different places. Another thing is there are 3 different strap sizes. Stupidbright is providing a lifetime warranty for this light. You do not need any additional tools to attach or remove the light. Considering everything, it must be a useful thing for riding.


Multi-purpose Use

It is actually a bike taillight but you can use it for different purposes. I have already mentioned it has 3 strapping sizes. The use of an adjustable slotted rubber strap in this light. Let’s see where you can attach the light.

Helmet, backpack, seat stay, seat post, stroller, wheelchair, skateboard, penny board and more.

You can adjust the light in 2 seconds and remove it in a second.

Powerful Brightness

Another important feature of the light is the powerful light power. It is made of bright quality LED and 2 x Lithium CR2032. You will get a long time service from one charge. The light has great power. It is perfect for use in both day and night. The lights must assure your safety anytime anywhere.

Multiple Light Modes

The rear light is compatible with 3 different light modes. You can use solid mode, flat strobe mode and slow strobe mode. You will get enough light power in all of the above modes.


• Very easy to install and remove.

• Light power is enough to use both day and night.

• Multi modes are available.

• Compatible with waterproof and shockproof features.

• Integrated with a rechargeable long-lasting battery.

• Made of high-quality materials. (Aluminum).


• It’s hard to find any con about the light.

Get the Product on Amazon

9. Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

good news for the bikers who are looking for a tailing. I am here with an amazing taillight powered by BLITZU. The light comes with a strong rechargeable battery. It also provides high-quality bright light. A good thing about the light is, it is usable in both daytime and night.

The light uses COB LED having 6 settings. It ensures your visibility both day and night. The light can cover a 260-degree wide-angle area. The product is just 1 ounce in weight.

I have already mentioned the light keep you visible even in the daylight. It is compatible with CYBORG 168T technology. Mainly this ensures daylight visibility. The setup of the light requires no additional tool. There are some other necessary features which have made it such popular.


Powerful Rechargeable Battery

The most advantageous thing of the light is the super powerful rechargeable battery. It is compatible with the USB charging system. It charges very fast. According to the manufacturer, it will take less than 2 hours to get fully charged. USB cable is also included with the product. It will provide a long-lasting service with a full charge.

Different Modes

Another effective thing about the light is, it has multiple functions. There are 6 settings. You can use them according to your needs. Let’s see the functions

• Steady-high

• Steady-low

• Steady-medium

• Flashing-high

• Flashing-low

• Strobe

The different mode ensures your safety in different places.


You can use the light in different places. You can use it on the scooter, skateboard, wheelchair, handlebars, hat and others. The installation system of the bike is really really. Besides, you can remove it in a moment.


• Designed for multi-purpose use.

• Use it both daylight and night.

• Bright light with 260-degree coverage.

• 6 different modes.

• Rechargeable battery with included cable

• The light is waterproof.


• No mention of shockproof technology.

Get the Product on Amazon

10. Planet Bike Superflash Bike Tail Light

Get introduced with this amazing flashlight from Planet Bike. The bike has 2 different modes. It is also made of high-quality aluminium. The material is lighter so the overall weight of the light is lighter.

There are different mounting options. All of them are very much helpful in attaching the bike. It is also easy to remove. It won’t consume a lot of time in mounting or removing. The light runs with 2 AA battery. It can provide long-lasting service in battery saving mode. The brightness level of the light is appreciating.

The light is compatible with a rugged outer shell. It provides waterproof protection. Seat stay and seat post are very effective and clip mount is effective for multiple mounting. Considering every feature you can rely on this taillight.



The bike maintains the thing most is durability. The body is made with super-strong aluminium. It will remain strong after falling a few times from your hand. But it can get cracked if it falls extremely hard or faces accidents. I can also assure the long-lasting service of the led. The bike contains two 1/2-watt Blaze LEDs.

Different Modes

The feature I love the mode is this one. There are two light modes. The super flash mode and a power-saving mode. The battery will run 100 hours on the super flash mode. In the steady mode, it will run 60 hours. Besides, both mods are useful at different times. The battery requires 2 AA batteries.

Advanced Features

There are some additional features available in the light. The use rides your bike in the rain as it is a waterproof rear light. The light has a quick-mounting system. It is supported on almost all kinds of bikes. The led has good power. It will give a good sight and keep you visible from a long distance.


• Made of sturdy aluminum.

• Easily attachable and removable.

• 2 functions for saving the batteries.

• Powerful LEDs.

• Compatible with waterproof features.


• It doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery.

Check the Product on Amazon

Buying Guide

A taillight is never great without some necessary features. Again, it is very hard to find a light having every single important feature. I have already described 10 beat tail lights. Now it’s time to discuss a guide about rear light.

All of my suggested lights contain the most wanted features. But most of them are specialists in different features. Now I am going to discuss some essential factors of the taillight. Read them carefully and choose the appropriate product.

• Battery

The battery is an important factor of a rear light. If you don’t choose a light with a strong battery, it will come for no use. You can choose both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. But my suggestion is to choose a light with rechargeable batteries.

If you choose a non-rechargeable battery then you have to change the battery within a few months. It will cost extra money. Also, make sure that the battery provides long-lasting service. Your battery is good for nothing if it doesn’t provide a long time service.

Another thing check is the charging time. A battery generally takes 1.5-2.5 hours to get fully charged. If the charging time is too much you have faced many problems. It’s batter to choose a battery with the USB charging system.

• Weight

Here is another important factor. A taillight is used for different purposes. Let’s get a strange example. Sometimes, it is used on the dog’s collar. What if your light is heavy?

Well, you will never get is comfortable. When you will set it to your helmet, you will feel disgusted. It will be hard to carry. So always choose a light with lighter weight.

If you want to know the specific weigh then I can say 1-2 ounce. Surely, you have to use it in different places. A lightweight rear light will be an extra advantage in those cases.

• Light quality

Another essential fact is light quality. You can say it is the most important thing to consider. If your light can’t provide a powerful spilling then don’t choose it. Also, make sure the bulbs are bright enough.

I have to mention one more thing. Make sure the light can cover a good wide-angle area. Most of my suggested light can cover the range of 180-260 degrees. It will keep you visible to others. It is essential for assuring your safety.

• Installation

Here is another thing you should check before buying. A good taillight is very easy to install. Besides, it is never been a time-consuming work.

If you think the light requires an additional tool to setup then don’t choose the product. Most of the rear lights contain rubber straps. All of my suggested lights are easy to attach.

I thing try to attach it. The maximum you may take 10 seconds to attach. Also, try to remove it. Removing time will be less. I have described a light that takes only 2 seconds to attach and 1 second to remove. If you are a busy man then consider this point before shopping.

• Waterproof and Shockproof

Waterproof is the most important feature of light. It is for your bike. During monsoon, your bike must be drenched into the rain. You don’t know whether the light will be attached to the bike or not. So there is a possibility that your light will get wet in the rain. If it is not a waterproof light then you are gone for no reason. So always ensure this feature before buying a light. If you are well-known with taillight then you may hear the features O-ring design. The design provides waterproof protection.

Shockproof technology is not so much important. Most of the light doesn’t contain this feature. But there are some lights which are compatible with this feature. I have mentioned some lights having the shockproof feature.

• Material

Material is always been an essential factor. Always make sure the light is made of high-quality materials. I think aluminium is a good material for the light body. It will also protect the light from the water.

Your light can fall from your hand. Again, it can face accidents. If the product is not strong enough then it will break or crack. I think you don’t want to lose your light after an unexpected accident. If the material if the light is strong you may not have to face this loss.

• Durability

In the case of the taillight, durability has different steps. The first thing is the light. Make sure the light will provide long-term effective service. The battery has a big role to increase durability. I have already discussed the battery. Also, make sure the LED is powerful.

The second thing is the body. I have already said, your light may have to go through some accidents. If the body is made of durable material then you don’t have to worry about durability.

• Different Modes

There are so many functions of light. I have mentioned some settings such as flashing high, flashing low, strobe, steady-high, steady-low and others. All of the modes are important. You don’t need to have all the modes. But make sure there are a couple or multiple modes. The modes are important for riding at a different time.

The light will be used in both daylight and night. According to the brightness of the environment, you can set the mode. It is a safety feature of light.

• Versatility

Rear light is used for different purposes. But every light is not compatible with multiple things. If you want to e sure the versatility then you have checked the light carefully.

I suggest you look at the strapping size. If you think it is kind of a universal strap then you can use it on different things. Some lights contain different strapping size. I have already described a product that contains 3 strapping sizes. You can use the light on the helmet, skateboard, handlebars, wheelchair, scooter, backpack, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best material for a rear light frame?

A: It can be anything. But I suggest aluminium. Aluminium is durable. You can choose steel but make sure the material works on water. Make sure it is waterproof.

Q: It is essential to have a waterproof feature in my light?

A: Obviously. Suppose you are cycling and in a hurry. Suddenly, you see it’s raining. What will you do if the light is not waterproof? Make sure the light is waterproof and works in the rain.

Q: Should I choose a rechargeable battery?

A: Yes, you should. But I am not saying non-rechargeable battery is too bad. A rechargeable battery will save your money.

Q: What are the main functions of different modes.

A: Well, there are mainly 2 functions. The first functions mainly provide light quality. You can adjust the light brightness level according to the environment.

The other functions work to save power. It can save the power of the battery. Suppose a battery runs 60 hours in normal mode, it will run 100+ hours in power-saving mode.

Q: How can I choose a good taillight?

A: Well, I have described it in the part “Buying Guide.” Again I am mentioning some points.

Check out the battery. Look for durability and light power. Make sure it is waterproof and compatible with different bikes.

Q: How long it takes to mount a light?

A: It is very quick. It just takes few seconds to mount.

Q: How long does a taillight last?

A: It depends on the quality of the light. If you can choose a good taillight it will last year after year.

Final Verdict

The main purpose of the article is to suggest you 10 best bike tail lights. I have described some rear lights with the necessary features and details. Different light has different feature but all of them are compatible with the most necessary features.

I can ensure you that all of my suggested lights will provide a good service. Select any of them and hopefully, you will love that.

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