10 Best Recumbent Trike For The Money 2020: Expert Reviews

Best Recumbent Trike For The Money

Bicycle or Trike? If you are a secure person, then you will say trike. I am not saying bikes are insecure. But trike is safer, and nowadays it is coming with some outstanding features.

A good trike is compatible with some standard functions. I prefer recumbent trike for both kids and adults. It will have to be durable and flexible. When you use it for a little exercise, then I select one having a comfortable seat. You may start thinking about which one is the best recumbent trike for the money?

I have the solution to your problem. I was surveying on the best recumbent trike brands for a couple of months. Finally, I have selected 10 recumbent trikes. In this article, I will share my listed performer recumbent trikes with proper features and details. Before discussing them, let’s learn a bit more about a recumbent bike.

What Recumbent Trike Means?

A recumbent trike is a three-wheeled cycle that places the rider in a semi-reclined position. It is designed to meet the highest level of comfortability while riding.

A recumbent trike has more weight capacity than other types of cycles. Here the weight of the rider distributes in different points. So it can carry a considerable load. Both adults and kids can ride a trike. It is competitively a safer option for the kids. There are different types of trikes available. Today, I will discuss the best ten best recumbent trike for the money.

The Necessity of Recumbent Trike

I want to discuss the necessity of recumbent trike shortly. Here I am showing some reasons to buy it.

  • It can take a huge load capacity.
  • The three-wheeled design of trike requires no balancing.
  • It is lower to the ground. In case, if you fall from the trike, there is no chance of getting a massive wound.
  • The feet up position of the trike helps in blood circulation.
  • It is a source of short exercising.
  • No chance of having wrist pain.

Types of Recumbent Trike

There are mainly two types of recumbent trike.

Tedapole Trikes

These types of trikes have two front wheels and one rear wheel. The pedal drives the rear wheel, and front wheels are for steering. Tedapole Trikes are smaller and stable. These types are trikes are suitable for riding at high speed.

Delta Trikes

Delta trikes are competitively bigger and expensive. It has one front wheel which is used for steering. The pedal drives the rear wheels.

Top 10 Recumbent Trikes- Comparison

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Reviews Of 10 Best Recumbent Trikes

Now, I am showing you my selection of the recumbent trike reviews 2020.

1. Trident Adult Recumbent Tricycle

If you are looking for a recumbent trike for the adults, then this one from True Decor is an excellent option for you. This trike is made of high-quality material. You can use this trike for both uphill and downhill riding.

The thing I love about the trike is the frame. It is designed perfectly for easy transporting. You can also fold the trike easily.  You will enjoy another thing if the trike is the seat. Mesh seat is used, which is very much comfortable, and you can spend hours after hours having no trouble.

The bike is appropriate for all height of people. As you can adjust the handlebars, you won’t face any problem whether you are short or talk.

I don’t want to expand the discussion. Let’s jump to the main features.


Heavy-duty Construction

The first thing I should talk about the trike is its supreme construction. It is constructed with sturdy 4130-grade Chromoly steel. Every joint of the trike is highly built. You will be happy to see the smooth finishing of every edge.  Teflon chain tubes and flexible rubber tubing is used in the chain. You will also feel the handlebars flexible. It is adjustable to any position.  Ultimately this sturdy construction ensures high durability.

Easy to Store and Portable

The bike comes with a folding frame which can be folded in a minute. The metal of the bike is competitively lighter. So you can easily carry it and store it.


I have the thing is assembling any new product. When it is a trike, then it is more ridiculous. Sometimes you have to go to the nearby bike shop for installation. Happy to know, this trike is fully assembled. You have to do a little work on it, but it’s very simple. Note: If you are out of Continental USA then I can’t assure this.


  • Great durability.
  • Integration of disc brake.
  • You can store it in a shirt place.
  • Easy to install.
  • Get great speed.


  • No attachment of brake steer and pedal steer.

2. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

Say hello to this another excellent trike. This trike is designed for men, women, and even for the autistic. The super stable three-wheel frame and secure dual handling make it easy to ride. It is a chainless trike.

If your height is from 4 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 3 inch, then you can ride the bike. It is also a source of exercise. You don’t have to balance the trike to ride it. You can make any short trip using it.

The dimension of the trike is 28 inch x 29 inch x 48 inch. You can also extend it to 61 inches. Another advantageous feature of the bike is a comfortable seat and back. You will never feel pain sitting in the trike. There are some other cool features. Let’s discuss them broadly.


Adjustable Frame

The first thing that catches my eyes is the frame design. First of all, the trike looks fantastic. Besides, you can extend the frame according to your height. There are ten slots, and it is made of heavy-duty Hi-tin steel.

The weight of the trike is 44 pounds, and it can take up to 250 pounds.

Exercise Machine

You will go to through a cardiovascular exercise riding it. It also increases the strength of the legs and hand. Those who feel practice is a booting work this bike is appropriate for them. The reclined seat helps you in staying on the bike comfortably. It will also help in burning calories.

Easy to Ride

Kids to adults everyone can ride the trike. It is effortless to balance. The three wheels balanced auto design is appropriate for everyone, and there are two hand steerings and low centre gravity.

So it can be a perfect tricycle for riding nearby parks, market or on the beaches.


  • Great durability.
  • Very easy to ride.
  • Appropriate for everyone.
  • The alternative of an exercise machine.
  • Comfortable sitting system.


  • The weight of the bike is a bit heavy.
  • Not for kids under ten years and 4 feet 2 inches.

3. TerraTrike Universal Trike Carrier

Get introduced with amazing trike from Terra Trike. It is a trike which is very easy to transport. The trike is made of durable material. Besides, it takes your weight on 3 points. So there is no weight limit of the trike. People get worried about the installation. It was happily informing you that this bike is effortless to install.

The trike has an eye-catching design. Another great thing about the trike is you can use it as a handcycle trike. The material of the trike is lighter in weight. So obviously it is a lightweight trike. You can carry it without the help of anyone.

It is an excellent alternative to an exercise bike. Though it is not active, it can burn calories off you. So it is a perfect trike for the fat people.



The trike is constructed strongly. You will find no defect on any part of the trike. The joint between every part is highly welded. Smooth finishing also makes it look great.

I assure you it will last for years. It can also cover any minor friction.


I have no complaint about the comfortability. One of my friends got this trike, and I ride it. I sat on the trike and felt soft and perfect. The seat is so much flexible. There is also a cushion for extra comfort.

I bet you can spend hours after hours sitting on the trike.


Transportation is the fact the trike strike first. With the trike, you will get three durable foam and two straps. You can transport the trike anywhere you want. I recommend you to carry it on the roof. It is effortless to strap the trike.


  • Easy to store.
  • Lightweight trike.
  • Soft seat.
  • Installation is easier.
  • Huge load capacity


  • You may dislike the complexity of the chain system.

4. Mobo Mini- The World’s Smallest Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser

If you are looking for a trike for you kid, then Mobo Mini is here with an awesome mini trike. This trike is appropriate for kids from 2.5-5 years old. The trike is unusual for an adjustable frame.

No worries about durability. As it is a kid’s cruiser so it will have to go through so many tortures. That’s why it is made of durable material. Your kid is fully saved on this trike. It will also increase the leg strength of your kid.

It is a lightweight trike. Even if it falls over your kid, he/she will remain safe. It is competitively lower than other trikes. So your kid will feel comfortable on it.


Adjustable Frame

The frame of the trike contains 5 slots. You can adjust the height from 30 inches to 42 inches. There is no chain which is safer for the kid. The overall design is perfect for any kid.

No Balance Needed

Kids will love this trike because it requires no balance. They can comfortably ride it. It will improve the hand and eye combination. They can go here and there riding on it. As there is no chain, there is no fear of getting wounded by it.

Easy Transportation

The trike is lighter than other trikes. Your kids can carry it. You can also easily store it anywhere in your house. As it is lightweight, there is no chance of facing an accident. Mainly the material if the trike is lighter.


  • Five slots in the frame
  • Completely safe for kids.
  • Easy to ride.
  • Lower to ground.


  • Not for kids over 5 years.

5. Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike. Kids 3-Wheel Bike

Another kid’s trike is here from Mobo Cruiser. This trike is compatible with all the necessary features of a quality trike. The trike is 100% safe for your kid. It is also made of supreme quality materials. So you have no worries about durable.

One thing is very much helpful for kids. You kids don’t need to balance the trike. There are two hand steerings which are easy to control. If your kid requires a little exercise, then it will be a shortcut of exercising.

The dimension of the trike is 26.5 x 25 x 41 inches. You can increase it up to 51 inches. The trike has no chain which is appropriate for kids.



Happy to know that this trike is made of Hi-ten steel. The material is not so much heavy. The construction of the trike is also sturdy. Smooth finishing and high-quality welding make the trike highly durable.

No Balance Required

Another great thing about the trike is you don’t need to balance it. So it is very for the kids to ride this trike.  No is no fear of unexpected balance losing.

Adjustable Frame

The frame is the most advantageous features of the bike. The frame has 8 slots. You can adjust it according to the height of your kid. It is appropriate for kids from 7 to 12 years old. The height limit is 3 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 2 inches. So your little kid can play with it for 5 years long.


  • Suitable for all kids.
  • 8 slots in the frame.
  • Safe for kids.
  • No balance required.
  • Double hand steering.


  • The weight of the trike is a bit high.

6. Mobo Mobito Sport – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

If you are looking for a secure trike for you kid, then this product is the right option. Some parents are insecure about buying their kids bicycle. A trike is the best solution for them. Mobo is her with another low centre gravity trike for kids over four years.

The best thing about the trike is it doesn’t require balancing. There are two flexible hand steerings. The bike has a durable frame. The tires of the trike are made of high-quality rubber.

Though trike is just 32 pounds, it can carry up to 180 pounds. The dimension of the trike is 25 inch x 21 inch x 41 inch. Happy informing that it can be extended to 47 inches.


Comfortable Seat

The trike has a soft cushioned seat. Kids always want a comfortable place, and it is perfect. Your kid will stay in the seat hours after hours in a happy face.

Adjustable Frame

The frame is made of Hi-ten steel. It can be adjusted to a lower if higher height. A kid of up to 4 feet 8 inches can ride the trike. There is no chain system. The trike requires a bit of installation, but you can do it at home. Ultimately the frame design is perfect for kids.

Alternate Exercising Machine

This trike can be used as an exercise bike. It will increase the leg strength of your kid. If you are looking for a way to burn calories of your healthy kid, then this bike will be great for him.


  • Easy to control the trike.
  • Awesome durability.
  • Lightweight trike
  • Suitable for kids up to 4 feet 8 inches.


  • It is not a pre-assembled trike.

7. Fat Tire Electric Recumbent Tricycle

Fat Tire Electric Recumbent Tricycle

Hello fat bike lovers, I have something for you. Here’s a new fat trike for the people who seek for extra speed and heavy-duty performance. It is Fat Tire Electric Recumbent Tricycle, Recumbent Trike. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a trike or a tricycle, I can assure you very good performance of this fat trike.

This fantastic fat trike is made of a high carbon steel frame which guarantees its long-lasting performance. Brakes BB5 disc braking system is used here for high-speed motion and more protective riding performance. Also, with a minimal period, this trike gains 100% of customer satisfaction.


Durable Tires

There are 26 inches rare and 20 inches front tires with 170 mm of width. So, you must understand its size, right? Well, the tires are designed with stainless steel spikes and aluminium alloy rims for more durability.

Paddle and seat

The paddles of this trike are made of alloy which is very strong and durable. This type of paddle is perfect for a better paddling experience. A comfortable seat with fibreglass cushion is also there for you.

Electric capacity and display

This new trike is equipped with1200 watt power-boosting battery capacity. It also includes a DAPU LCD. That helps you get every information about your motion and speed.


  • Relaxed sitting position.
  • Huge weight capacity.
  • Durable and high-speed motion.
  • Electric Recumbent Tricycle with high technology display.


  • Comparatively expensive.

8. Artifice Adult Recumbent Tricycle

For those guys who want to carry their things anywhere and everywhere, a foldable recumbent trike has no alternative for them. If you are a person like that and want to try a foldable large wheel recumbent trike, I have an option for you. It is an Artifice adult Recumbent trike.

Some of you always prefer a trike with a high-speed motion for extra fun and adventure. I must recommend this one too. This trike is designed with intercrossing steering linkages which is the reason for its high-speed riding performance. Also, a 26-inch wheel is there in the back part which works as extra support for your back.


Seat and Brakes

A mesh seat is adjacent to the frame, which is used to provide you with comfortable seating. At the same time, it is easy to ride because of a better braking system.

Long-Lasting Performance

The next notable feature of this trike is its Cr-Mo steel frame that means the Chrome Moky frame. This kind of structure is very durable, and it is responsible for its long-lasting performance.


It is a foldable trike, and the folding dimension of this trike is very low so, you can carry it anywhere in your car and enjoy there anytime you want.


There are 26 inch rare and 20-inch front tires. The tires are made with stainless steel spokes and aluminium rims. So, they will be very durable and provide you with a better riding experience.


  • Comfortable mesh seat.
  • Folding dimension is very low.
  • Chrome Moly frame for long-lasting performance.
  • Suitable for adult people with any height.


  • Very few users complain about its gear.

9. Mobo Mity Lightning McQueen Toddler 3 Wheel Ride

Let me introduce you with another three-wheel ride for toddlers which can be the best gift for your kids. Well, it is Mobo Mity Lightning McQueen Toddler 3 wheel Ride. This smart and well-functioned tricycle for toddlers is like a dream comes true for them. Moreover, it is not too pricy, and almost all of its users are happy with its performance.

This 3 wheels ride is not like the one that kid can ride only for one or two years and has to get rid of it because of their growing period. Also, this stunning tricycle is crafted with an adjustable frame which ensures its durability. Also, the frame is divided with five different slots that help your kid to run it properly and ever more efficiently.


Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of this tricycle is over 100 lbs, and so, your kid can ride on it for years. You don’t have to throw it out when your toddler becomes a kid.

Good for Health

This stunning bike is perfect for helping your kids in improving his or her motor skills and hand-eye coordination. At the same time, it works well for your kids’ exercise.

Seat and tires

There are a comfortable seat and a chassis with no chain. So, your kids will feel better while riding it. Also, there is a 12-inch front tire with 8 inch back tires for a better riding experience.

Outlook and transportation

Kids love good looking things. And this bike includes a brilliant colour combination of red and black. Also, it is very light in weight and easy to carry. So, you can send it in the park and let your kids enjoy it there.


  • Good weight capacity.
  • Durable steel frame for long-lasting performance.
  • Very easy to ride.
  • No sharp part to injure your kids.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Adjustable backup.


  • No helmet is offered with this tricycle.

10. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Here is another excellent option for adult trike seekers. It is Mobo Shift 3 wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike. For a great outdoor experience and fun, you can try this trike which cones with a bright outlook and functions. Also, it is affordable and reasonable to run on any kind of road.

Sometimes, running a trike becomes problematic for people of different height. If you don’t want to face such a situation, you should go for this one. The trike has an extendable frame that you can adjust according to your comfort zone. Also, such kind of structure is perfect to last longer than that of average.



Another notable important of this trike is its all-new unique rear-wheel steering system. This kind of technology is good to increase your arm and leg muscle strength.

Seating and Backpart

There is a comfortable sitting cushion. And the adjustable back supportive will always provide you with a better feeling with it.

Load Capacity and Height

It can carry people with up to 250 lbs. People with more than 4 feet and less than 6.3 feet in height can enjoy paddling this trike.

No Need to Balance

A low centre of gravity system is added here to eliminate the balancing problems. So, you don’t need to give more effort to balance the bike.


  • Good for people of any height.
  • High capacity carrying ability.
  • Reverse gear and adjustable backup.
  • Very easy to ride
  • Provide maximum comfort


  • Nothing serious has found.

How to Choose the Best Quality Recumbent Trike?

It is always a confusing task to choose the best product. Here I will make a discussion which may help you in choosing the best recumbent trike.

  • Ensures durability

The first things that look at the trike are the construction and material. If the trike is constructed well with high-quality materials, then you must get a long-lasting service.

  • For Adults or Kids

If you are looking for a trike for you kid, then you don’t need to look for load capacity, weight or speed. When it is for you, later try to find one more stable and speedy. If you are looking for the best recumbent trike for touring then make sure it can able run on uphill and downhill.

  • Comfortability

It is another essential fact. You will never be satisfied if you feel uncomfortable sitting on the trike. Make sure the seat of the trike is softer and sitting position is flexible.

Entry Level vs High-End Recumbent Trike

If you ask for the differences between entry-level and high-end recumbent bike, then I will say one is expensive, and the other is inexpensive.

Entry-level trikes are made of medium quality materials. They generally haven’t more features like high-end recumbent bikes. They are also cheaper.

High-end trikes are made of excellent quality materials such as lightweight alloy. This type of trikes is functioned with high-quality features. High-end recumbent trikes are the best for the adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I was surveying for the best recumbent trikes, I heard lots of questions about the recumbent trike. I have also found some items on the internet. Here I will answer you some FAQs about recumbent trikes

Q: What is the best material for a trike?

A: Nothing is fixed. Any material can be useful but make sure the quality of the content. I suggest Hi-ten steel or lightweight aluminium alloy.

Q: What should be the load capacity of a trike?

A: It varies according to the level of the trike. If you buy a trike for an adult, then it should be able to carry 250+ pounds. If it is for kids, then the load capacity should be in 150-200 pounds.

Q: How can I ensure a good quality of a trike?

A: First thing is, try to get one from a renowned brand. Look for the seat, construction and material. Also, inspect the trike whether there is any defect or not. If you find any cracks or imperfections, avoid it.

Final Verdict

I have already shared my collection of the best recumbent trike for the money. Read the features carefully and note which one meets your demand.

I have already surveyed them, and I can ensure you good quality. So, if you select any of my suggested products, there is no chance of going wrong.

You can check our home page for more fantastic exercise equipment review.

Thank you.

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