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The rowing machine is getting popular day by day. It is a perfect instrument for gym and indoor. Nowadays, there are so many rowing machines available on the market. So, people are getting confused about what is the best types of indoor rowing machines.

In this article, I will discuss some important factors about a quality rowing machine. So keep reading the article and learn what the best indoor rowing machine is.

What is the Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine is an effective gym instrument used to imitate watercraft rowing for exercising. Sometimes, people use it for practicing rowing. The professional rower Michelle Sosa says, “The rowing machine is like the Swiss Army Knife of the gym.”

The rowing machine is also known as an ergometer. It is a very effective machine to perform different kinds of body workout. Generally, there is a display console that counts the exercise data. Data like speed, distance, burnt calories, heart rate, etc. are shown on display. It has a good number of health benefits.

Benefits of a Rowing Machine

Now it’s time to discuss some health benefits of a rowing machine.

1. Weight Loss

Rowing machine burns around 600 calories per hour. It is more effective than other home gym instruments. If you exercise daily using a rowing machine, it must help you lose extra weight.

2. Upper Body Workout

The rowing machine is very much effective for performing upper body exercises. It improves rhomboids of the shoulder and trapezii in the upper back. It will strengthen your shoulder muscle and remove backpain.

3. Alternative of Weight-Bearing Exercises

Overweight people can’t perform a high-impact exercise such as hiking, running, yoga, etc. A rowing machine is an excellent alternative to these exercises with having less risk. There is less chance of getting injured.

4. Makes you Active

People don’t love to workout going out. So they stay home and become lazy. An indoor rowing machine is an excellent way to perform exercises. It makes people healthy as well as active.

5. Ease of Use

All the exercise machines aren’t easy to use. Some machines are very tough for old aged and extra-healthy people. The shape and function of a rowing machine are really simple. Anyone can use it easily. It is secure and safe for all ages of people. You just need to learn the techniques of rowing to use it.

How can an Indoor Rowing Workout Transform your Body?

A rowing machine is enough to keep your body fit. It can transform your body to a different level. Let’s see how an indoor rowing workout can transform your body?

The first thing is to perform different types of workouts. Here I am showing some of them.

• Stroke

• Plank Pike

• Corkscrew Crunch

• Alter-Climb

• Single Leg Step-up

• Biceps Curl

• Hand Release Dip

• Reverse Lunge

Here I have mentioned 8 different exercises you can perform having a rowing machine. These exercises are enough to shape your body. Now see how they can help to transform the body.

• They will burn fat to keep you fit.

• They help to increase your muscles.

• You will get both upper body lower body workout.

• It will improve your abs.

• It will increase both biceps and triceps muscle.

• Every joints and limb of your body will be stronger.

• You will become more flexible.

How Many Calories can you burn by using it?

A rowing machine is a great calorie burner. According to the experts, it is more effective than most of the machines in burning calories.

On average, a rowing machine burns 600 calories in an hour. The minimal rowing workout may burn 500-550 calories. The hard workout can burn up to 650+ calories in an hour.

Let’s show you a comparison between a rowing machine and a stationary exercise bike. According to the gym excepts, 60 minutes workouts of rowing machine is equal to 78 minutes workouts of a stationary bike. So, rowing much is way much effective in burning calories.

Some Best Rowing Machines in the Market

There are different types of rowing machines in the market. Most of them don’t meet a certain quality level. The best product has some unique qualities. Let’s get introduced to some of the best rowing machines.

1. Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

The machine is excellent for short space as it is a foldable machine with a high resistance level. You will love the seat and grip of the machine. There is also an LCD display to count your exercise data. Finally, it meets a high level of durability.

2.Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

You must be familiar with this famous brand. The product comes with a good level of durability and construction.  The pedals, cushioned seat and handlebars are also comfortable. An additional display console is also another benefit of this product.

3. Stamina ATS Air Rowing Machine

Here is another excellent rowing machine. The product comes with all the necessary features you need. There are anti-slip handlebars and pedals. It is also compatible with LCD and air resistance.

4. LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and can carry up to 300 pounds. The bike is effortless to assemble. You can perform different types of exercise with it. Ultimately you will find all the necessary things in this rowing machine.

5. Body Xtreme Fitness – Rowing Machine Turbo 2000

Body Xtreme comes with another effective rowing machine.  Exercise is very easy with a multi-functional display of it. This incredible rowing machine offers a silent flywheel and ensures the highest level of comfort using it. The rowing machine is highly durable.

Tips for Using Rowing Machine

Some tips can help you in a better rowing exercise session. I am sharing some tips now

• Avoid bad postures. (Rouned shoulder or incorrect form)

• Do not overexert yourself. (It may create back pain)

• Stop exercising when you are too tired. It will be harmful to you if you keep going.

• Do not take a huge load. You may get injured due to overweight.

• Do not perform high-intensity workouts if you are a beginner.

• Do not push with your leg and lean back at the same time. First, push your leg, and then lean back.


I have discussed everything about a quality rowing machine and also shared some tips. You can follow the tips for more effective exercise.

For getting the best rowing machine, you have to ensure a quality standard. I also discussed them and some other topics. Hopefully, you have got the answer to the question, “What is the best type of indoor rowing machine?”

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