Bala, the fitness brand co-founded by Maria Sharapova, is looking for new investors to help fuel its expansion plans. The company has already attracted investments from high-profile individuals and entities, including Tennis star Venus Williams, BrandProject and the founder of the Luxury fashion brand Aritzia. By seeking additional funding, Bala aims to capitalize on the growing demand for at-home fitness equipment and establish itself as a dominant player in the wellness industry.

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The fitness industry has been gaining significant attention in recent years, with many companies looking to capitalize on the trend. One such company is Bala, a fitness brand backed by tennis star Maria Sharapova. The company is now seeking new investors to fund its growth plans, according to recent business news.

Bala is known for its range of stylish and functional fitness equipment, including weighted bangles, ankle weights, and resistance bands. The company has already gained a loyal following among fitness enthusiasts, with its products being featured in popular publications like Vogue and GQ.

With its sights set on expansion, Bala is now seeking new investors to help take the company to the next level. The move is a strategic one, given the current market conditions and the increased demand for fitness products due to the pandemic. As more people continue to work out at home, Bala could be well positioned to capture a growing share of the fitness market.

Who Are The Current Investors In Bala Fitness Brand?

The fitness brand Bala, which is backed by Russian former tennis player Maria Sharapova, is now seeking new investors to expand its business operations. The company is looking for investors who can invest $10 million to $20 million to help it strengthen its position in the global fitness market, which is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Bala is known for its innovative fitness products, including weighted bangles that can be worn on the wrists or ankles for resistance training. The company has gained significant popularity among fitness enthusiasts and has been endorsed by several celebrities, including Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Aniston.

Bala’s decision to seek new investors comes at a time when the fitness industry is experiencing a boom, with more people opting for home workouts and virtual fitness programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company aims to leverage this trend and expand its product offerings to capture a larger share of the fitness market, which is estimated to be worth over $100 billion globally.

What Is The Growth Potential For The Fitness Industry?

Business news has reported that Bala, the popular fitness brand that is backed by tennis star Maria Sharapova, is seeking new investors. The company has experienced a significant growth in demand for its products, which include ankle weights and resistance bands. This prompted Bala to seek funding to expand its operations. According to reports, the fitness brand is looking to raise around $10 million in its latest funding round.

Bala has been at the forefront of the home workout trend, which has gained traction due to the global pandemic. Its products are designed to make work out sessions more comfortable and effective. The brand has attracted a diverse clientele, including athletes, social media influencers, and celebrities. Maria Sharapova became a strategic investor in the company after retiring from professional tennis in 2020. With the increasing market demand and a well-known backer, Bala is poised for success in its fundraising efforts.

How Has Covid-19 Affected The Fitness Industry?

Maria Sharapova-backed fitness brand Bala has recently announced its plans to seek new investors. The company offers a range of innovative and stylish fitness products, including wrist and ankle weights, yoga mats, and resistance bands. Since its launch in 2018, Bala has attracted a loyal customer base and gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts. The brand’s success has been attributed to its unique product offerings, which cater to the needs of modern fitness enthusiasts who prioritize both style and functionality.

Bala’s move to seek new investors comes in response to the growing demand for its products, which has exceeded the company’s initial expectations. With the new investments, Bala plans to expand its product line and increase its manufacturing capabilities, thereby meeting the needs of a larger customer base. Additionally, the brand aims to capitalize on the booming health and wellness industry, which has been further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand’s co-founder Max Kislevitz revealed that they are considering both private equity and venture capital firms as potential investors.

What Other Fitness Brands Are Competing With Bala In The Market?

Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova’s fitness brand Bala announced that it is seeking new investors to help boost the company’s growth. Bala is a fitness equipment company that became popular during the pandemic when people were looking for ways to stay fit and healthy at home. The company’s signature product is the Bala Bangles, which are weighted wristbands that can be worn during workouts to add resistance.

Sharapova, who retired from tennis earlier this year, invested in Bala in 2019 and became a board member. The company has already raised $10 million in funding from investors, including Greycroft Ventures and Imaginary Ventures. Bala’s CEO, Natalie Holloway, said that the company is looking to raise additional funds to expand its product line and increase global reach.

Bala’s revenue increased tenfold during the pandemic as people shifted to at-home workouts. The company also partnered with retailers like Nordstrom and Goop to sell its products. With the fitness equipment market projected to grow to $15.2 billion by 2027, Bala’s potential for growth is significant. Investors who are interested in backing the company can participate in its upcoming funding round.

Can Bala Maintain Its Competitive Advantage With New Investors?

The popular tennis player, Maria Sharapova, is supporting a fitness brand called Bala that is now seeking new investors. Bala has gained significant attention in recent times for its innovative products, which include weighted bangles and resistance bands that can be used during workouts. With the growing interest in home workouts due to the pandemic, Bala’s products are proving to be a hit with fitness enthusiasts. The company’s impressive sales figures have attracted big-name investors like Sharapova, who is now backing Bala as the brand looks to expand.

The news of Bala seeking new investors comes after the company’s latest round of funding, which raised $4 million. The fitness brand is looking to use this money to develop new products and expand its reach in the fitness industry. The company’s CEO, Natalie Holloway, said that Bala wants to be more than just a fitness brand, and that it sees itself as a lifestyle brand that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. The company’s innovative products have already gained a lot of attention, and with the support of Sharapova and other investors, it looks like Bala will continue to grow and be a success in the years to come.


Overall, the news of Bala seeking new investors is a promising update for the fitness industry. With Maria Sharapova’s backing and the brand’s innovative approach to fitness equipment, Bala has already made impressive strides in a highly competitive market. The prospect of new investment will undoubtedly fuel continued growth and expansion, allowing Bala to reach even more fitness enthusiasts who are seeking new and exciting ways to stay in shape. This is certainly an exciting time for the fitness industry, and we look forward to seeing what lies ahead for Bala.

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