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A clip-on fitness tracker is an essential element for tracking your regular activities. It is getting popular and we can see a massive production of this product.

There are also some reviews you will get on the internet. But whom to trust? Well, don’t trust anyone. Trust the quality. I am here with a review of 10 clip-on fitness trackers.

I have done great research on the topic and selected 10 items. I will show you every positive and negative site and will high light all the most wanted features and discuss them in detail.

So, keep reading the article and purchase the best product for you.

What is a clip-on fitness tracker?

Getting fit or achieving the desired fitness goal is not a very easy task. To get the desired result, constant tracking of the progress of your workout is necessary. You will get motivated by tracking your fitness-related information and will be able to reach your goal without much difficulty.

To monitor all your fitness progress, you need a fitness tracker first. If you gather a clip-on fitness tracker, it will be more comfortable and easy for you. Clip-on fitness trackers are those which can be clipped on any clothing or accessories. You can hide it from outsiders easily and you can carry it all the time with you.

Most of the clip-on fitness trackers monitor the calories burned, speed, sleep, steps of your workout, heart rate etc. You will get all the information on your smartphone connected with the tracker. With the clip-on fitness tracker, your fitness achieving journey will be more joyful.

Top 10 Clip-on Fitness Tackers

1. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker

In the era of staying fit, all you need is a Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker. This clip-on fitness tracker will provide you with all the information you need to know to reach your ultimate goal. You will get motivated each day and this will ease your journey.

The exciting part is you don’t have to tell it what exercise you are doing to make the count. This device will recognize any type of exercise like walking, swimming, running etc. by itself. Then it will count the steps, calories burned, speed and add it in the Fitbit app to keep you updated.

You will love it to wear on your hand. It has a very elegant design. There are varieties of colors available. You can choose your favorite color and the design will stun everyone else. Moreover, it is shiny and very light in weight.

Now it’s time to read out the main features given below.


All-Day Tracking

You may get tired by doing exercises and all your work, but this fitness tracker will not stop to count your activities. It will keep you updated on every single step of yours. The activities recorded by it include speed, number of steps, distance, calories burned, sleeping hour etc.

Battery Life

It will provide a charger. Once you charge the tracker, you don’t have to tension about the next five days. It can run for five days without being charged. So if you plan a trip or go anywhere for some work, you need not worry about where and how you will charge the fitness tracker. In this way, you will not get distracted from your goal.


• Lightweight.

• Elegant design and color.

• Amazing battery life.

• Celebrates on the screen when you reach your goal.


• The charger cable is quite small.

Check the product on Amazon.

2. Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Are you looking for the best inexpensive clip-on fitness tracker? Lintelek is offering an outstanding fitness tracker at an excellent price. It is available in 12 different colors. Grab the one which you like the most and enjoy the amazing features.

It can monitor your sleeping time. Every night at a fixed time, it will remind you about the sleeping time and wake you up with a smooth alarm in the morning. It can also differentiate between deep sleep and shallow sleep.

The most attractive thing about this device is the 14 sports mode. These modes ensure that it is suitable for both children and adults. Also, a GPS tracker is attached to the tracker. So, you can trace your route of sports. You can also use it as a selfie remote control.

Let’s see the main features to know every detail about the product.


All-Day Activity

You can monitor your workout speed, distance, calories burned, total steps, heart rate etc. through this fitness tracker. You will never miss any call and message while you are wearing this. It has a unique caller ID display, which shows the name of the caller.

Charging Facility

Do not worry about how you will charge it if you are middle in the road. You can charge it easily and quickly through a USB port. So if you carry a power bank with you, you charge the device anywhere. And once you have charged the device, you don’t have to worry about the next seven days.


• Reasonable price.

• Varieties of color available.

• Easy to use with many features.

• Prevent dust.


• Do not use it while taking a shower or swimming.

Check the product on Amazon.

3. Willful Fitness Tracker 2020 Version

Weight loss journey is tough if you are not determined. To remain determined, you need a good fitness tracker which will keep you informed all the time. Willful is here with the best fitness tracker for weight loss.

You will love the design of it. It is very light in weight. So you can carry it anytime and anywhere with you without feeling any encumbrance. This tracker can recognize 14 different exercises. You have to set the type and it will make counts of the specific exercise.

This fitness tracker can work without being connected with a smartphone. If you connect it with a smartphone, it will notify you about important calls and messages. You can also capture photos by using it as a remote control.

Now read out the main features given below.


Activity Tracking

You can keep yourself motivated by tracking the steps, calories burned, distance, time, heart rate and sleep. It is very easy to use and you can connect with an app very easily. Through the app, you can get every information on your phone. The name of the app is VeryFitPro.


This IP68 waterproof fitness tracker can be used anytime, anywhere. You can wear it on rainy days or while swimming or while taking a shower. Nothing will happen to it if you use it in wet conditions. It has an amazing battery life also. You can charge it after 7-10 days.


• Affordable with outstanding features.

• Waterproof.

• Get charged through a USB port.

• Unique design.


• The tracker can not be used with the PC.

Check the product on Amazon.

4. Ulvench Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Make your fitness achieving journey more enjoyable with the Ulvench Waterproof Fitness Tracker. It has great useful features that you will love for sure. It keeps you informed about your speed, calories burned, distance, time, heart rate, sleeping pattern etc.

You will never miss any important calls or messages when this tracker is on your hand. It gives notification about calls, messages and notification from any app of social media. It also acts as a remote control for capturing photos with your smartphone.

When you get tired, you need to rest. This tracker sets alarms for your inactive hours. It monitors your sleeping pattern and wakes you up with a smooth alarm. It has the GPS tracking system, which helps you in tracking all-day activities.

I will not take anymore time to describe. Let’s read out the main features.


Heart Rate Monitor

Besides tracking all your workout information, it also tracks all-day heart rate. This function is great for adjusting your workout with your health. You can choose the exercises that are suitable for your heart and avoid the ones that are not suitable for your heart.

Waterproof And Charging Facility

This device is IP67 waterproof. That means you can keep wearing it in wet conditions like swimming and shower rainy days. The charging facility is great. There is no need for an extra charging cable, You can charge it via USB port. The charge remains for seven days.


• IP67 waterproof.

• Reasonable price.

• USB charging facility.

• Lightweight.


• You may face some problems in resetting the settings.

Check the product on Amazon.

5. TOOBUR Slim Fitness Tracker Watch

Want a fitness tracker but don’t want to show it to others? TOOBUR Slim fitness tracker watch is something you can use as a hideable fitness tracker. If you are not very fond of jewelry, this one is perfect for you. Its strap is too small to notice.

This tracker is very lightweight. Its stylish appearance will soothe your eyes and the straps are adjustable and replaceable. So it can be used by both children and adults. By connecting with the VeryFitPro app, you can get all the notification and information.

You can use it in both dry and wet conditions. It is IP67 waterproof. So you can wear it while swimming, shower, or rainy days without causing any damage. Moreover, you can set the workout time, mealtime, shower time, sleep time to have a balanced life.

Check out the main features to know more things about the product.


All-Day Activity

You can wear it all day without feeling a burden. And it will track all your activities throughout the day. It will monitor your steps, the total number of steps, type of workout, time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, sleeping time and pattern. You can guess the progress by knowing all these.


Get notified whenever you get a call or message. With this device, there is no chance of missing any important calls or messages. You will also get notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp or other apps of social media.


• Slim unique design.

• Light in weight.

• Charges through the USB port.

• Tracks sleeping pattern.


• You can only pair the VeryFitPro app.

Check the product on Amazon.

6. Garmin vivofit 3, Activity Tracker

If you are worried about whether your workouts are enough to reach your fitness goal or not, then you must try Garmin vivofit 3 activity tracker. This activity tracker is very updated and gives you all information needed to know.

It keeps you updated about your speed, calories burned, time, distance covered, heart rate, number of steps etc. The display is visible in sunlight and it is easy to read. You need to pair it with the Garmin connect mobile app to get all the information.

Your sleeping patterns are also captured by it. It can differentiate between light sleep, deep sleep and awake state. It has a smooth alarm system to wake you up from sleep, which will not disturb others. You just need to set the time.

Now check out the main features to find out what is new about the tracker.


Activity Recognition

This activity tracker can recognize your workout by ownself. You need not set the type of workout. With the move IQ facility, it can automatically identify the type of activities like running, walking, swimming, jumping etc. So you can enjoy any type of workout without mentioning.

Battery Life

You will love the fact that this tracker is not needed to be recharged. It is provided with a battery and the battery will long for one year. So you don’t have to worry about charging it for a year. After one year, you can buy another battery as the price is reasonable.


• Comfortable straps.

• Waterproof.

• Don’t need recharging.

• Automatically recognize activities.


• The belt is not so attractive.

Check the product on Amazon.

7. GideaTech Smart Watch

This fitness watch is truly a beast. No one can ignore the gorgeous and tactical designs of this smartwatch. This piece of tech is both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch, which can be both your virtual fitness trainer and a perfect assistant. GideaTech Smartwatch is both stylish and does its job very smoothly.

This watch is an IP67 high-grade waterproof product. So, water or sweat is never a problem. There is a heart rate sensor in it to give you the ultimate measurement of fitness monetarization. Also, the massive battery life makes it more appealing.

This watch is a full package of features that you need in daily life workouts. It is perfect for both men and women and getting popularity day by day. And indeed this watch is very much worthy of such popularity.



The watch is made of high-quality carbon fibers. It can handle medium impacts easily. Also, The replaceable bands are made of leather. Because the bands are replaceable, you can change it according to your dress code.

Heart rate sensor

This watch comes with a built-in heart rate sensor. Heart rate sensor is pretty helpful for fitness circumstances.

Extra function

It offers various smartwatch functions such as sleep monitoring, alarm, stopwatch, incoming and push notifications, remote control photography, Smartphone tracking, female menstrual period timing and many more.


This watch is fully waterproof. You can dive, swim, run in water without worrying about it.


• Huge battery life.

• Heart rate sensor.

• Premium build quality.

• Waterproof.

• Stylish design.

• Smartwatch features.

• Affordable price.


• May does not last long like others on this list.

Check the product on Amazon

8. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

If you genuinely are a fitness lover, then you will surely fell in love with this one. It is the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker by the renowned fitness product manufacturer FitBit. It is an expert for tracking your daily fitness activities.

This tracker is a zip activity tracker. So, you can just clip it with your pocket. So, unlike fitness watches and bands, your hand will not sweat and you won’t have a stinky smell of leather. It is a bit bigger than your thumb and very lightweight.

The big display and front will make it easy to monitor your goals and tracking your progress. Beside, badges, leaderboard and emojis make getting goals more fun.


Big Display

Though it is a tiny fitness tracker, it has an acceptable display and front size. Anyone can read the display easily. It is a tap screen. One tap! And you can get information very easily.


This zip fitness tracker is fully water-resistant. So you should be absolutely tension-free in rain, pools or a very sweaty moment.

Smartphone application

This zip-fitness tracker comes with and free android and an ios application. There you can see your goals, leaderboard and badges. You can also get notification about fitness on your phone while connected.


• Can track steps, distance and calories burned.

• Free smartphone application.

• User friendly. Functional with one tap.

• Water resistance.

• Small and lightweight.


• Pretty chance of dropping and losing it.

Check the product on Amazon

9. Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker & Sleep Monitor

Here comes another fitness band from the famous brand Misfit. This fitness band is very different from traditional fitness bands because it doesn’t have any display at all. It uses vibration and LEDs instead.

This band is very durable. It is made out of solid aluminum. The modern but simple design makes it fit for any occasion. Also, Misfit Shine 2 use removable wrist-watch batteries instead of rechargeable battery. So, you don’t have to worry about charging it for at least a year.

This watch is fully waterproof and leather uses premium-quality strip bands. So, you’ll not have the stinky smell of leather on your hand after using it for a prolonged time.


Long Stand by Time

Since this band doesn’t have any display, the battery can stand by for a very long time. Also, the lifetime of the included battery is impressive.

Premium Quality

Misfit Shine 2 has a high-quality aluminum body, premium quality leather watch-band and very bright LEDs.

Non-Rechargeable Battery

This fitness band uses a non-rechargeable removable battery. It uses a CR 2032 3V battery instead. This battery is extremely common and the most common watches use it. Most of all, you don’t have to worry about charging it at all.

Automatic Sleep Track

Another excellent feature of this band is the automatic sleep tracking. So, you don’t need to start any function or push any button from tracking sleep. It can recognize your sleep wheater it is deep sleep or light one.


• Prolong standby time.

• No tension of display breaking.

• Fully waterproof.

• Automatic sleep tracking.

• Non-rechargeable battery.

• Decent look.

• Very bright led lights. You can easily see them in bright sunlight.


• No-Display might be a problem for some people.

• Changing the battery might be awful to some people.

Check the product on Amazon

10. SIKADEER Fitness Tracker

Presenting another multi-functional clip-on fitness tracker from Sikadeer. This tracker is compatible with a huge number of functions. The package comes with a charger, fitness tracker and a manual. The manual provides all the instructions to run it. The tracker supports different languages such as Korean, Italian, Spanish, French, English, Chinese, etc.

The tracker is very easy to use. But it is not compatible with PC or tablet. It will support any smartphone from Android 4.4, IOS 8.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and above. Moreover, the fitness tracker can track your full-day activities and health condition. Happy to know it can also measure your blood pressure and heart rate.

I must appreciate the elegant design of this tracker. It is a lightweight and waterproof tracker. You can get all the notification of your smartphone from this tracker. There is an application named “H Band.” Just install the app on your phone and connect it to your phone. You must love the unique, fast-charging system. People are satisfied with long-lasting battery life.


Magnetic Charging System

You must love this unique feature. The magnetic charging feature allows charging from a certain distance. So, you can charge the tracker without removing it from your hand. It takes just an hour to get fully charged. One charge can provide 5-8 days of standby time.

Waterproof Technology

No need one time remove. This fitness tracker is 100%  IP68 waterproof. You can take showers or wash hands wearing the band. Another great thing is the journey in the rain. Rain can’t cause any harm to the fitness tracker.

Get Every Notification

It is mainly for tracking your health conditions. But you can get many things. You will.get all the calls and SMS, exercise data, sports data, sleeping positions, heart rate and others. So there is no chance to miss anything when you are wearing the trackers.


• Easy charging system, long-lasting service.

• Remote control camera feature is available.

• Supports all recently produced smartphones.

• Simple interface.


• The tracker won’t run in Windows system

Check the product on Amazon

How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker

I have already discussed 10 clip-on fitness trackers. Now, I include another part to give you some tips. Here I will discuss some facts that may be helpful for you.

Device Compatibly

The first thing is, will the device work on your phone? Most of the trackers have a particular range of compatibility. You may have iPhone, android or windows. Make sure the tracker supports your device.

Some devices support android over 4.0 or iOS 8 or above. If you have a smartphone of a lower android or iOS version, then you have to avoid it.

Some of the trackers don’t support windows system. So if you are a windows user, then stay concerned.

Tracking Limit

Much or less, every device provides different types of data. People generally buy it to track regular health condition. Some trackers can provide steps, burnt calories, daily exercise time, distance and others.

There are some high-functional trackers available that will provide all these along with blood pressure, heart rate and other important data. I suggest you find a high-functional tracker. All of my suggested trackers are multi-functional.


Most of the trackers come with build-in English language. Some of them have the option to switch to different languages. If you don’t prefer English, then you can choose one with different languages.

Instruction Paper

It is another vital issue. If you are a skilled person, then you may not need it. But the beginners will face problems without any manual. So try to find one having an instruction manual.


Another major issue is the changing system. A clip-on fitness tracker should not have a charging time of more than 1.5-2 hours. It’s better to find one which gets fully charged in an hour.

The next thing is the battery life support. Make sure one charge can provide long-lasting service.


The waterproof feature is essential for your fitness tracker. How many times can you remove it? Every time you go to clean yourself, you need to remove it. If it is waterproof, then you have no hassle.

Another problem is the rainy season. What can you do during a sudden rain? That’s why it is important to get a waterproof tracker. Most of my recommended trackers meet IP68 waterproof system.

Smartphone Notification

It’s better to choose one that provides the notification of your smartphone. Once it is connected to your smartphone, you can get the call, SMS, and other notifications from it.

Remote Camera Controller

I love this feature very much. If you love capturing, then you should choose a tracker having this feature. It helps to capture photos from the phone with the use of the tracker. It will be very much helpful in photo capturing.


This is the main thing for any product. When you are buying a product, you want it to last long. The same in case of a fitness tracker. There are so many duplicate products available in the market. I suggest you get any branded one. Otherwise, your tracker may dead in a few months.

All of my suggested products are safe and secure. You can trust all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use a clip-on fitness tracker?

A: Fitness tracker is a necessary device for our health. It can track many information related to our health and exercise. It can count regular burnt calories, exercise, step and many others.

Some.devices can track blood pressure and heartbeat. If you get any negative information, you will get enough time to take care of it or visit a consultant.

Not only these, but also it can notify you almost everything about your smartphone. You can get calls, SMS, alarms and others.

Q: Will it work on all kinds of devices?

A: Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many types of trackers don’t support lower version smartphones. Besides, most of them are only supported by tablets and smartphones.

If you use a smartphone with Android 4.0 or iOS 8.0 or more, you will have no tension. Almost all types of trackers support them.

Q: How long it takes to get fully charged?

A: It’s a small device and it takes less than one hour to get fully charged. Some devices take more than 1.5/2 hours to get fully charge. I suggest buying one which doesn’t take more than 1.5 hours.

Q: Can I get a waterproof clip-on fitness tracker?

A: Sure. I have already discussed many fitness trackers of that type. They are IP68 waterproof. It will remain safe even after a heavy wash.

Final Verdict

I have already shared my list and some other factors and have made your task easier. I selected 10 products from thousands of products. Now it’s time for you to choose the best one.

I suggest you read the features carefully and list out the features. Finally, make a comparison and chose the one containing the most favorite features.

Hopefully, you will benefit from the article. Thank you.

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