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It is not easy to find a good foldable exercise bike. Different bikes have different features. Besides, you may find so many recommendations that will create confusion. I am here to make you free from confusion.

I have visited some gym and markets for finding the best foldable exercise bike. I have seen so many bikes and finally selected 10 best foldable recumbent exercise bike. All of those bikes are compatible with the most necessary features. I have also searched on the internet about them. In this article, I will discuss this bike.

I will discuss the features and other details about the Foldable exercise bike. I will also discuss a buying guide and FAQs. So keep reading the article to get the best foldable exercise bike.

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic is introducing you with the latest exercise bike which has folding magnetic upright capacity. You can settle it within a limited space and fold up and roll away when you are done with your exercise. It is a very great bike for those who want to maintain their current weight.

An interesting thing about the exercise bike is that It allows people of any height to exercise with it comfortably by increasing or decreasing the seat height. Whether you are tall or short you will face no problem exercising with it.

The high torque cranking system of this exercise bike makes the pedaling motion very smooth. Your exercise will not interfere with watching TV or listening to music as it doesn’t make any unnecessary noises.

You can read out the main features of this product once to be sure about the conveniences.


Large-sized display

The best part of exercising with this Exerpeutic bike is its large-sized display which makes the exercise more effective. Having 3.3″ W × 1.5″ H, this LCD is very easy to read. It provides information about speed, time, calories burned, pulse, heart rate while exercising.

Comfortable seat and unique design

It provides a large-sized comfortable cushion for people of any size. It provides a smooth pedaling motion. This bike can be folded to half of its size which makes it easily transportable. The solid structure of this bike allows weight up to 300 lbs. It’s very easy to get on or off from the bike.

8 level of Magnetic Resistance

You can experience any difficult workout as this exercise bike will make them easier by its 8 levels magnetic tension control system. It will allow you to set up the tension level for any type of exercise. All the tension settings are easily switchable.

Leg stabilizers

These can be extended to prevent any type of movement which is not necessary or to prevent overturn while exercising.


• Original AAA batteries make it durable

• Shake free ride even at high speed

• Smooth and quiet

• Ergonomically sound and comfortable

• Have space-saving design


• There is no water bottle holder

Check the product on Amazon

2. Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

Are you looking for an exercise bike for losing your weight and which can fit in a limited space? Then you are in the right place. Marcy foldable exercise bikes can beat the cardio bikes used in gymnasiums with its solid structure of steel. It is a great cardio machine for burning your fat.

Every pedal with this machine potentiates the muscles of quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus, thus it not only burns fat but also strengthens the leg muscles. It has adjustable seats that allow people of different heights to exercise with it.

The most lovable thing about this cardio workout machine is that you can fold it up and store it away once you are done with your exercise. Moreover, you can set it anywhere in your house within a small space.

Let’s see what else you can love about this exercise bike by looking into the main features.


Adjustable resistance

This exercise bike has a great extent of resistance. With adjustable resistance, you can perform various types of exercises. It offers you eight preset levels of the magnetic resistance control system with which you can do the difficult exercises also. You just have to set the knob to your desired resistance level.

LCD Display

It has an easy to read LCD. The computer display will show you different variables like time, speed, calories burned, total distance related to your workout. By following the variables on the display you can plan your workout routine and monitor your workout progress.

Safety facilities

You can enjoy your exercise time with the large petals which provide a textured grip to protect your feet. Safety straps prevent your feet to slip off the pedals. The large adjustable seat allows people of any size to exercise comfortably. Having a 14 gauge steel frame, it is more durable and safe.


• The rubberized base prevents scratches and damages.

• Durable

• Easy to fold up, move and store

• Quiet and smooth motion

• Burns fat and gives well-toned legs


• The lowest position of the seat is a little bit high for short people.

Check the product on Amazon

3. ANCHEER Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike

If you are thinking of maintaining your fitness by working out at home then you can try all-time favorite exercise bikes of ANCHEER brand. The dynamic structure it including supporting rods, maintains the balance very well during exercise.

What I love most about the bike is that you can exercise comfortably as long as you want because the soft and wide seats provide support. You won’t need an extra gel cushion for support during long periods of exercise. It is known as a space-saving machine as you can fold up and store it away after finishing your workout.

You can also adjust the seats at six levels. It is suitable for people of 4 feet to 6 feet in height. It has transportation wheels. These bottom transportation wheels help to move the bike easily from one location to another. You can get all the facilities at a very reasonable price.

Let’s not waste any more time telling the description. Now it’s your turn to see the main features.


Digital display and tablet stand

The display provides you information about the time, speed, calories, distance and the hand pulse sensor monitors your heart rate and movements. You can make your exercise more entertaining by doing exercise along with watching movies or dramas, the tablet stand provides you this facility.

10 level magnetic resistance

The high 10 levels of magnetic resistance control system make this exercise bike superior from all other exercise machines. This silent resistance makes the workout smooth and quiet. It has a unique app application system that allows you to enjoy plays with your friends.

Sturdy and space-saving design

The unique X-frame design of the bike makes it highly durable and allows you to experience any type of exercise. It has transportation wheels at the bottom which help to move it easily. It can be folded up to half of its size. So you can store it away easily.


• High level of resistance

• Long durability

• Affordable price

• Allows to make the exercise entertaining

• Smooth and quiet operation


• The seat doesn’t go up very high

Check the Product on Amazon

4. Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

If you are looking for a recumbent exercise bike then this one from the Exerpeutic brand will be a great option for you. The Semi recumbent design of this bike allows a weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can easily get in or off from the bike due to its comfortable design.

The best part is the recumbent bike is provided with a folding waterproof PVC equipment mat. This mat helps to keep the floor protected and prevent unnecessary noise. It can be folded easily and moved away after finishing exercise.

You can complete your workout session comfortably with the provided large seat and backrest cushion. The seat is adjustable for people of 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 2 inches height.

Besides the above facilities, you will get many more facilities from this bike. Read out the main features to know all the facilities you can get to.


Large LCD

This recumbent bike has a large easy to read LCD. This display tracks your distance, time, speed, calories burned, pulse. There is a hand pulse sensor in the handlebars to monitor your heart rate and exercise movements. You can easily calculate your progress through this display.

8 level magnetic tension control and 3 piece cranking system

If you want to do any difficult workout this bike will enable you to do that by adjusting the resistance knob. 8 level magnetic resistance control system allows you to do various types of exercises. The 3 pieces high torque cranking system makes the pedal motion smooth. V-belt double-drive transmission system and balanced flywheel will ensure you a quiet motion. You can enjoy watching TV or listening to music while exercising.


This recumbent bike can be folded into half of its assembled size and thus it makes the storing procedure easier. It has transportation wheels that help to change its location easily.


• Easy storage facilities

• Pedals have safety straps

• Easy to assemble

• Great durability


• The seat is a little bit hard

Check the Product on Amazon

5. Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

Another option for you is here if you want to try a heavy-duty exercise bike. It is Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike. As it is a foldable bike, you can keep it in a very small space and so, it is highly recommended for the people live in a studio apartment.

Exerpeutic is a very famous exercise equipment manufacturer. They craft this bike with heavy-duty performance. So, if you want a kind of all in one type of exercise bike, then I must recommend this one. Also, it is affordable and equipped with all the durable parts.

This bike includes a very high weight capacity and exclusive functions. The foldable dimension of this product is very low and so, storing it won’t be a problem. However, if you are interested in this product, then you should check out the features and the list of pros and cons. This will help you to create a very clear idea of it.


Weight Capacity and Materials

For people with high weight, this bike is most recommended because if it’s the high weight capacity. It can carry people with about up to 400 lbs. I think you don’t need more than it. As for its high weight capacity, the material used to form it is very durable and will lead it for long-lasting performance.

LCD Monitor

An LCD screen monitor with well specification features is there too. It is very necessary to learn important facts if you exercise program. For example, you can learn you BP, heartbeats, time, millage you have gone, calories you have burned and so on.

Easy Transportation and Foldable Frame

This bike also includes a flexible moving wheel. So, you can easily transport it from one place to another. Also, the foldable dimension is not a big deal to store it in a very short space.


• 8 levels of magnetic tension resistance.

• Thick cushioned seat.

• 400 lbs of weight capacity.

• 3 piece crank system.


• Professionals may want more resistance levels.

Check the Product on Amazon

6. Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike

Here, I have another exercise bike from the Exerpeutic. It is also a folding bike that is very flexible to carry and use. However, it is Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike. This adjustable bike is very durable and affordable.

You can use this bike anywhere and store it very easily as the folding dimension is very low. Also, very durable material is used to form this bike and so, you can buy it for the use of a long time. At the same time, there is a very comfortable seat that will never make it difficult to sit on it for long.

But the best part of this bike is its desk or holding capacity. In the front side of the bike, a big size desk is attached to what you can keep your laptop or other essential goods. If you are exactly looking for such a unique and multifunctional exercise bike, then learn about the following features and other details of this bike.


Adjustable Desk

As I said it a moment ago that it has an adjustable desk. It can be moved with 3 angle view. So, you can comfortably work keeping your pc on it. The desk is 16 inches in length and 24 inches in height. So, it is quite long to keep a laptop or other important things like phone, tablet, etc.

Comfortable Seating

Very comfortable seating is there on the bike. It is 2.5 inches thick and it is made with a very soft cushion. The dimension of the seat is also good for people of any age. It is 11inch in length and 15 inches in height.

LCD Monitor and Resistance Level

A clear and informative LCD monitor is adjacent to the front part of the bike. It will show you the timing, burnt calorie, and other important facts. Also, there is an 8 level tension resistance knob is there for variations in performance. So, you can just customize the tension resistance just like you want.


• Standing Desk system.

• 3 piece crank system.

• Backseat with a large cushion.

• Noise absorbing technology.

• Transportation for easy transportation.


• Nothing very serious has found.

Check the Product on Amazon

7. Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a durable exercise bike then this one from Foronto is a good choice. The bike is compatible with the most necessary features. It is a foldable exercise bike. It is very easy to store. It takes less than 0.5 square meters of space.

There is also a solid flywheel available. It is 15 mm thick. The thing people love about this exercise bike is the mobile holder. They provide a mobile holder that helps you to enjoy movies while exercising.

The bike is compatible with multi-grip handlebars. There is also a digital monitor. You can see your work out details on the display. It can also hold a water bottle. Ultimately you can exercise comfortably having this bike.


Comfortable Seat

If the seat of a bike is not comfortable, no one will be satisfied with it. The seat of this bike is soft and wide. It is 11″ wide. Another good thing is, it is adjustable. Whether you are tall or short, you have no worries. There are 5 adjustable levels. It is also an anti-skid seat.

Heavy-duty Construction

I have selected the exercise bike mainly looking at the construction and durability. The bike is made of high-quality steel. Every construction of the bike is very strong. Welding is also proper and every finishing is smooth. The bike can take 200 pounds of load. There is also a display console attached to the bike. It provides heart rate, speed, distance, and other information. It is also connected strongly. You can use the exercise bike years after years without any trouble.

16 levels of Magnetic Resistance

The bike is appropriate for every member of your family. There are 16 magnetic resistance levels. You can easily control the workout level. A young person can exercise heavily again the old person can exercise at the beginner level. The resistance can be controlled easily.


• Good load capacity. (220 pounds)

• Highly durable.

• Additional mobile holder.

• Appropriate for all ages of people.

• Multifunctional display console.

• Easy to store.


• It is hard to find any negative point about the bike.

Check the product on Amazon

8. XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

Here comes another folding exercise bike powered by XTERRA. The bike ensures the highest level of durability. It is perfect for everyone. There are 8 levels of resistance.

The bike is also made of a soft and comfortable seat. The pedals also get a stripe. So, there is no chance to slip while running. The pedals are also smooth and flexible. Things you will love about the bike is the easy transportation system. There are wheels available to move it easily.

The frame of the bike is X shaped. The construction of the bike is also sturdy. There is an additional accessory holder attached to the bike. You can rest your mobile or remote in the holder. Ultimately the bike contains all the most wanted features.


Multifunctional Console

The bike provides the best service at this point. There you will get a 2″ x 1″ LCD. The console is multifunctional. It will provide your speed, time, distance, burnt calories and more. The handlebar can also count your heart rate. You can see your pulse rate on the console.


An exercise bike is more useful when it can be folded. This exercise bike has a dimension of 40.5″L x 21” W x 50.5” H. The folded dimension of the bike is 20.5” L x 21” W x 50.5” H. It can save huge space after folding it. The weight of the bike is 42.3 pounds. Besides, it is a wheel system bike.

Comfortable Seating Position

The bike has an awesome anatomically designed seat. The seat is soft and comfortable. You can rest your back comfortably. Multi-grip handlebars are also included. The pedal includes foot straps. Considering everything you will never feel discomfort sitting on the bike.


• Easily foldable.

• An extra wheel for moving here and there.

• Made of high-quality materials.

• Smooth pedaling.

• Attachment of an accessory holder.


• Extra tall people may not get a 100% comfortable position.

Check the Product on Amazon

9. Murtisol Folding Exercise Bike 

Get introduced with another multifunctional exercise bike from Murtisol. The exercise bike is specifically made for women. But everyone can use it. The bike has different options to exercise.

The bike is also compatible with a display console. You will get your exercise update from the console. The bike is made of sturdy material. It can carry 264 pounds. The flywheel weighs 3.3 pounds.

The bike is easily foldable. Another advantageous factor about the bike is there is a phone holder. There are some other functions which make it a quality exercise bike.


LCD Display

There is a 3.5 inch LCD added with the bike. The display updates your exercise activities. You can check out the distance you traveled, the burnt calories, speed, working time and others.


The bike is made of supreme quality materials. It can carry a big load. You will love finishing and welding. The flywheel is also strong and solid. You can use this bike for a long period.


The bike saves huge space after folding. The folding dimension of the bike is 20″ x 23″ x 55 inches. It is very much flexible. You won’t face any unexpected sound or obstacle while folding the bike.


• Smart display console.

• Smooth folding system.

• Easy to store.

• Huge load capacity.

• Additional resistance band.

• Attachment of mobile holder.


• No wheel available to move the bike.

Check the Price on Amazon

10. Sunny Health & Fitness Comfort XL Folding Semi-Recumbent Bike

Looking for a recumbent bike for adults to achieve your fitness goals? Sunny health & fitness products will be the best option for you. Your weight loss journey can be great with this comfort XL folding semi-recumbent bike by Sunny health & fitness brand.

The thing you will love most is the lightweight of this bike, comfortable design with padded seat and backrest which enables you to exercise for longer periods. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted up and down for your easy get on or off from the bike. You can use this bike in both upright and recumbent positions.

This semi-recumbent bike can be easily folded up into half of its size and moved away by using the transportation wheels. It is provided with the user manual, hardware tool, two AA batteries for easy assembling. It supports weight up to 300 lbs and adjustable for different heights of people.

Now it’s time to read out the main features. Hopefully, they will answer all your questions and inquiries.


Digital monitor

You can track your progress easily from the information provided by the display monitor of this bike. This digital monitor will give you information about time, speed, calories burned, distance, and heart rate. There is a tablet stand beside the monitor. You can continue your exercise along with watching movies and making it more entertaining.

10 level magnetic resistance

To give you the experience of challenging workouts this exercise bike is providing you the 10 levels magnetic resistance control system which is higher than other exercise bikes in the market. You can set the resistance knob to any level and perform easier or difficult workouts.

Safety and other features

The handles are coated with foams to support stability. It has a smooth belt drive system which keeps the operation smooth and quiet. This recumbent bike can be adjusted at three levels. There is a water bottle holder behind the seat which helps you to keep hydrated during various types of exercises.


• It’s very quiet and smooth

• Has a water bottle holder

• Large and comfortable seats with backrest

• Pedals are very sturdy

• Setting up is very easy


• There are no pedal straps

Check the Price on Amazon

How to Choose the Best Foldable Exercise Bike

A quality foldable exercise bike has so many necessary features. I also have an exercise bike and I know about the features. You have to check out all the most wanted features before buying it.

I am including another part where I will discuss how to choose the best foldable recumbent exercise bike. So let’s jump to the main point.

• Foldability

When it is a foldable bike first check out the foldability. Make sure the bike can be folded easily. Sometimes, you may hear unexpected sounds while folding. It is disgusting to hear.

Another thing assures that you can fold it smoothly. If you think you have to give pressure then avoid it.

The old aged persons also use an exercise bike. If it requires extra pressure to fold, they won’t be able to fold it. Also, look for the folding dimension. Make sure it can save big space after folding. All of my described recumbent foldable exercise bikes for home are easily foldable and save a lot of space.

• Display Console

A display console is essential for an exercise bike. Most of the people maintain a strict routine. So it is necessary to calculate the time and other things like speed, distance, and others.

Find a bike that has a multi-functional display console. A display must show the traveled distance, speed, passing time, burnt calories and more. It will be a plus point if you get the heart rate from the console.

Most of the display console requires double AA batteries. If there is anything else then I think you should avoid it. Make sure the display shows large don’t size. If the font size is smaller than the aged persons may suffer while checking their activities.

• Resistance Level

The resistance level is another thing to consider. Most of the bikes have a high resistance level. Generally, we see 8 resistance levels in a foldable exercise bike for small space. There are some bikes which contain more than 8 resistance level. I have described a bike that contains 16 resistance levels.

The resistance level is necessary when the bike is for everyone. The overaged people require a low resistance level where the young people exercise on a high resistance level. Another thing make sure you can change the level smoothly. If it is hard to change then there are possibilities breakage. So check it before buying it.

• Portability and Storage.

If you have a big space at home then you have no worries. But who has not plenty of space in the home has the tension about portable and storage. As it is a foldable exercise bike you have no tension about storage. But make sure the folded dimension is appropriate to store it in a short place.

The next thing is the portability. If there are wheels under the bike then you can easily move it from one place to another. I have already suggested a bike which has wheels. Also, the thing about weight. If the bike has a big weight then it is hard to move.

• Load Capacity

Load capacity is another essential factor to consider. If you are a healthy person then you must check the load capacity.

I think a bike should carry in the last 250 pounds. The bodybuilder people need a bike with extra load capacity. I have mentioned a bike which has a load capacity of 400 pounds.

I suggest you not to ride more than one person on an exercise bike. Sometimes, people make fun and ride more than one person. It is harmful to the bike. So be conscious about it.

• Comfortability

Comfortability is the core factor of an exercise bike. If you don’t feel comfortable riding your bike then the bike is good for nothing. There are some comfort features of an exercise bike.

The seat of a bike is the first thing. Make sure you feel comfortable sitting on the bike. Its seat should be soft enough. Some seats are hard which the reason for back pain is.

The next thing is the handlebars. Make sure the handlebars have an anti-skid grip. It will avoid unexpected slippage and sweating.

Pedals are also another fact. Make sure the pedals of the bike are wider. Also, make sure the bike can run smoothly. It will be better if the pedals are attached to straps. It will also avoid unexpected leg slippage.

• Anti-skid Surface

The surface is another major issue. Must check the surface of the bike before buying it. A good exercise bike has rubber connected legs. It will keep the bike strongly attached to the ground.

If there is not any rubber protection then there are possibilities of unexpected slippage. It will create an occurrence in your exercise.

Also, make sure the legs are moveable. If the bike is a wheel system then you don’t need moveable legs.

• Sturdy construction

Durability depends on construction. If the construction is hard enough then you can easily rely on the bike.

I have already mentioned about materials. Make sure the frame of the bike is strong. Also, look for every joint. Assure all the joints are connected well. Welding system is another essential thing. If any product is not welded properly then the quality of the product is considered poor. So always look for this fact.

A product will never look good if the finishing is not smooth. Make sure all the edges and finishings are smooths and clear.

• Design

Design is a necessary feature, especially for fancy people. You will never get inspiration to exercise if the bike doesn’t look well.

Make sure you like the color, frame and overall design of a bike. Some bike has an additional accessory holder. It is another good advantage. Try to find a bike that has an additional phone or remote holder.

Also, check out the handlebars and pedal design. If you don’t like the design of a bike don’t select it.


 Q: Can exercise bike work as an all in one exercise machine?

 A: An exercise bike is good for weight loss and regular exercise. But if it is about bodybuilding or muscle gaining, then it is not working as an all in one machine.

 Q: What kind of exercise bike is good for seniors?

 A: Recumbent exercise bike is the best option for seniors. A Recumbent bike includes backseat unlike a spin bike or upright bike which is very essential for the seniors.

 Q: Is an exercise bike need a lot of maintenance?

 A: Generally, the exercise bikes made for home use and general use, don’t need a lot of maintenance. Just keep it clean is okay here.

 Q: Does taking weight with flywheel with the bike work better for weight loss?

 A: Yes, for weight loss, flywheel or additional weight can work better.

 Q: How can I fix my bike if it is too hard or easy to paddle the bike?

 A: You can read the manual and adjust the tension resistance level to fix your exercise bike if it is too hard or easy to paddle.

 Q: How long should I use the exercise bike for a better result in weight loss?

 A: If you want a quick result in weight loss, you can paddle the bike for half an hour twice or thrice a day. Besides, a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle are also essential.

 Q: What can I do if the seat is not comfortable?

 A: Most of the time, the seat of the exercise bike is comfortable and design in such a way that people of every age will use it comfortably. But if it is not okay for you, you can adjust an additional seat cushion on it.

 Final Thought

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