Privacy Policy  is a promising service provider where we provide all kinds of services at the core of our customer’s consensus process. They keep all of our customer’s personal information and data with great privacy. You can also contact us with any inquiries. 

Definitions of the work process:

Personal Data – You may find any actuality or information about any fitness product or regarding a bike.

Processing – All the personal data of yours is set very nicely with being operated. 

Data subject – Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis of a living person whose information we can use later.

Child –A natural man or living human below 18 years of age can have this service. 


All the promises and protection key we give to our principals towards our service:   

  • Our processing is much more transparent and loyal and legal.
  • Our effectiveness and work Ais very objective and accomplished.
  •  We use and collect as much information as is reasonably possible to complete our work. 
  • We try to get our work done in a short amount of time, and we do not store the personal information that the customer has for too long.
  • We work very carefully with dignity and integrity through the correct information.

The individual’s right to information:

  1. As you can quickly know where we are gathering your information and applying it, and how we are performing it.
  2. You can easily access any information repository and monitor and view it yourself.
  3. If we get any wrong information mistakenly, you will be able to suggest it to us again by coming up with the knowledge and then checking it. You can also verify it.
  4. You can also negate or revoke any information.   

All the information that we collect:

  • All the information we receive is your email address, name, home address, billing address, etc. 
  • We also have some automated installed tools for you to give us some other information like your IP Address, Card Information, Shopping History, etc.
  • We collect information from some of our customers who fully trust us and have the legal right to provide us with their data.
  • All the comments and suggestions from the customers are significant to us.

Advertisement partners:

 We have linked some advertising partners to advertise our effectiveness and service.

They publish and show these advertisements about our effectiveness and functions of service on various websites through ads after a certain period. 

Besides, some of our third-party associations have third party servicers offer us many services, such as Google Assistant, Google Analytics, Point Amazon associate.  

 How to keep your information secured:

 We keep your data very secured and protected by being very careful and giving you a guaranteed paper. 

The use of techniques and cookies of the services and its purpose:

Also, we have some methods and techniques that make it very easy for you to serve you. We also keep a record of any use and any features of our customers using history. Also, we provide some elements for customers with some functions as per their own needs and preferences. We give some analytics cookies and advertising cookies. If you have an account or ID open, you need to set a Temporary Cookie, which will allow you to browse easily. Analytics helps us track your usage and other histories.