10 10 Best Titan Fitness Products of 2022 – Top Pick’s Review and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to Titan Fitness Products the market with all the options it provides can look like a jungle. Which one to choose?

10 What Are The Best Titan Fitness Products Options? Select Only The Best

We don’t want to tell you what’s the best Titan Fitness Products for you, but still, we’d like to help. That’s why we’ve come up with this selection of the 10 best Titan Fitness Products available: make your choice among them and you can make mistakes

10 What Are The Best Titan Fitness Products Options? Select Only The Best

Bestseller No. 1
Titan Fitness Single 45 LB Black Economy Olympic Bumper Plate, Rubber with Steel Insert
  • TAKING CARE OF YOUR PLATES: The rubber bumper plates may have a sheen present on the finish from manufacturing, which can easily be removed with mild dish soap.
  • GREAT FOR MULTIPLE EXERCISES: Using weight plates by themselves allows you to perform weighted sit-ups, bent-over rows, squats, lunges, and presses. If you add these plates to barbells, your fitness horizons instantly expand. You can do deadlifts, curls, bench presses, and other weight-lifting exercises.
  • IWF STANDARD: These durable rubber plates are IWF standard at 450 mm (17.75-inches) in diameter.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: These black rubber plates are constructed with a durable steel internal ring that helps maintain the plate's shape, surrounded by a durable rubber coating.
  • DIMENSIONS: The 45-pound plate is sold individually and measures 450 mm or 17.75-inches in diameter with a 3-inch width. The collar opening features a 50 mm diameter making it compatible with Olympic barbells.
Bestseller No. 2
Titan Fitness Neutral Grip Viking Press Handle v2 Welded End Cap
  • Enhance your gains by introducing viking handles to your landmine workouts.
  • Compatible with any standard Olympic barbell.
  • Seamless tube prevents wear and scratching on your barbell.
  • Great for use with a Titan Rack Landmine or Post Landmine.
  • Welded endcaps keep the Viking Grip Press Handle on the same spot of your barbell's sleeves during the entire rep.
Bestseller No. 3
Titan Fitness Flat Weight Bench, Rated 1,000 LB, Wheels Handle, International Competition Standards
  • GAIN MUSCLE: If you are into bodybuilding, this weight bench is for you! It can support up to 1000 lbs., so you can perform multiple strength training exercises. With this weight bench, you can target your biceps, triceps, lats, and more. In no time, you will be able to achieve the fit and lean physique you have been working toward.
  • PERFECT FOR FREE WEIGHTS: Free weights are an excellent way to bulk up and this flat bench is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your free weight routine. You will be able to perform a wide variety of exercises, including bench presses, incline presses, pullovers, rows, tricep extensions, and curls. Use either barbells or dumbbells as you work out on this bench.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING: While weight lifting, you should be focusing on pushing yourself to reach some massive gains instead of how uncomfortable you feel. Our weight bench is padded with an extra cushion, so you can feel good as you exercise. Additionally, the padding features a sleek leather finish for both comfort and style.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: At Titan Fitness, we do not skimp when it comes to our products. All our products are made from high-quality material that is built to last, and this competition bench is no exception. It has a rigid base that is made from steel, so itâ€s durable and long-lasting. It also has wheels and a handle for quick workout changes.
  • DIMENSIONS: This Weight Bench is great for home gyms and personal gyms. It has a convenient overall length of 52", a width of 17" and a height of 17". The seatâ€s width is 12" and its length is 48", making it wide enough for most people to comfortably sit on. This bench can support a weight capacity of 1000-pounds and weighs 37-pounds.
Bestseller No. 4
Titan Fitness Low Pulley Add-On for T-3
  • Add bicep curls, leg extensions, seated rows, and much more to your workout arsenal with this simple add-on for your pulley system!
  • Rack mounted pulley system bolts onto the bottom of your T-3 to add-on to your existing tricep and lat pulley system.
  • Compatible with T-3 Series Power Racks.
  • Includes assembly hardware, 80" cable, and one carabiner.
  • Weight Capacity: 440 LB
Bestseller No. 5
Titan Fitness Single Leg Squat Roller, Stand-Alone Bulgarian Split Squat Lower Body Specialty Machine
  • 4-inch thick foam pad roller
  • 12 adjustable settings in 1-inch increments
  • Rest your foot on the roller while doing single leg squats or single leg lunges
  • Rubber feet to prevent movement while using the single leg squat roller
  • Perfect for working your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and lower back
Bestseller No. 6
Titan Fitness Pair 15in Loadable Olympic Dumbbell Bars, 400 LB Capacity Each, Knurled Handles for Home Gym Strength Training
  • LOADABLE DUMBBELL HANDLES: This dumbbell handle pair is the perfect addition to your free weights set. Inspired by Olympic Barbells, these commercial-grade bars have a loadable sleeve length of 3.75-inches, allowing you to customize your Olympic weights up to 400 LB per bar.
  • KNURLED TEXTURE: The 32mm shaft features 6.25-inches of medium diamond textured knurling to ensure excellent grip and contact through heavy movements.
  • BRONZE BUSHING ROTATION: The smooth sleeves feature bronze bushings placed between the shaft and the sleeve, providing a smooth, consistent roll to your bar.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Each Dumbbell Bar is constructed from high-quality rust-resistant precision grade steel and is coated in a chrome finish.
  • DIMENSIONS: Each bar measures 15-inches long with a shaft diameter of 32mm. The Olympic-sized weight sleeves measure 50mm in diameter and offer 3.75-inches of loadable length with a capacity of 400-pounds and weighs 8-pounds each.
Bestseller No. 7
Titan Fitness 72-in Olympic Technique Bar 15KG 28mm Chrome Barbell Weightlifting
  • TRAIN YOUR FORM: The Titan Fitness Technique Olympic Bar allows youth and beginners to train on form and technique before moving to an Olympic bar.
  • SINGLE KNURL MARKS: The chrome Technique Bar includes single standard Olympic knurl marks in a medium pattern.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The 15KG Technique Bar features a stainless-steel 28MM shaft with a tensile strength of 21,145 PSI and is paired with 10-in chrome finished sleeves with brass bushing and bearings.
  • PAIR WITH A SET OF BUMPER PLATES: The Titan Fitness Technique Weight Plates are perfect for practicing your lifting technique without adding the extra weight of heavier bumpers. These discs are made from a proprietary blend of polymers developed specifically for long lasting performance and durability.
  • LOCK-IN: Keep plates on your bar with PROLOC 1 Collars. These collars are built for Olympic size weightlifting equipment. They have an easy screw top that presses down onto the barbell sleeve with a cylindrical bit. Keeping your plates in place with a simple turn of the screw top. Sold separately.
Bestseller No. 8
Titan Fitness X-3 Series Y-Dip Bar, Rack Mounted Dip Attachment, 550 LB Capacity, Fits 3†x 3†Tubular Steel
  • Compatible with X-3 Series Power Racks
  • Fits on 3 x 3-inch steel uprights
  • Quick-change pin mounting system
  • Angled for multiple grip widths
  • UHMW to protect uprights from damage
Bestseller No. 9
Titan Fitness 22 KG Competition Kettlebell, Single Piece Casting, KG Markings, Full Body Workout
  • NO FILLER OR WELDING: Each Kettlebell is individually cast as one solid piece instead of welding parts together. The mold has a hollow core cast to precisely the correct weight ensuring accuracy compared to other molds.
  • COLOR CODED WEIGHTS: The Competition Style Kettlebell comes in a variety of color-coded weight increments from 8 KG to 32 KG, with little fluctuation in diameter, maintaining consistency in feel as you move up to higher weights.
  • FREE WEIGHTS FOR STRENGTH TRAINING: Kettlebells allow you to target a wide range of muscle groups, giving you a full-body workout. Use these kettlebells to perform swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups, snatches, and other athletic or cross-training exercises.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Each kettlebell is well-formed, balanced, and features an easy-to-grip handle for a comfortable and non-slip grip. The finished texture holds chalk well but provides enough texture that chalk is not needed.
  • DIMENSIONS: The 22 KG or 48.5 LB Kettlebell retains the same 8.3-inch diameter, 11.4-inch height, and a 35 mm handle thickness, allowing you to train the same movement while also increasing or decreasing weight to cater to your routine.
Bestseller No. 10
Titan Fitness Dumbbell Column Stand and Plate Tree, 260 LB Capacity, Organize Classic Dumbbells Power Block Dumbbells Loose Plates
  • Keeps your dumbbells at the proper lifting height
  • Organize classic dumbbells, power block dumbbells, and loose plates
  • Angled surface with an enclosed plate lip ensures the dumbbells do not slide off
  • Plate tree stores 1-inch weight plates
  • Increased footprint prevents toppling

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