Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain that is known for its affordability and judgment-free atmosphere. However, despite its growing popularity, the gym has also attracted its fair share of haters. In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons people hate on Planet Fitness and compare it to other gyms in terms of the quality of equipment, classes, and overall experience. Whether you’re a Planet Fitness enthusiast or a skeptic, read on to learn more about this controversial gym and how it stacks up against its competitors.

What Are The Reasons People Hate On Planet Fitness And How Does It Compare To Other Gyms In Terms Of Quality Of Equipment Classes Etc

Planet Fitness has faced a significant backlash from some gym-goers since its inception. The primary reason why people hate Planet Fitness is its emphasis on catering towards beginner lifters and creating a non-intimidating environment. For seasoned fitness enthusiasts, this can be frustrating as they feel that the gym does not provide them with the space and resources they need to achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, Planet Fitness is known for its strict policies, such as the lunk alarm that goes off when someone grunts or drops weights. These rules can be seen as overly restrictive, leading to a lack of motivation for some individuals.

When compared to other gyms in terms of equipment and classes, Planet Fitness falls short in many aspects. While the gym may boast a range of machines and weights, it lacks in providing free weightlifting options, such as barbells and squat racks, which are essential for weightlifting routines. Furthermore, their group fitness classes are often not as advanced as those found in other gyms, having more geared classes around Zumba or yoga. While this is great for individuals who prefer such classes, for those looking for more intense workouts, the classes may not suffice.

However, despite its shortcomings, Planet Fitness has provided a low-cost alternative for individuals looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Their amenities, such as hydro massage beds and tanning booths, provide added relaxation for individuals after a workout. Comparatively, while they may lack a state-of-the-art facility, they provide a budget-friendly option for individuals looking to break out of unhealthy habits and get moving.

Why Do Some People View Planet Fitness As A “Judgment-Free Zone” Marketing Gimmick?

Planet Fitness is a chain gym that offers low-cost membership with limited amenities. Despite its focus on creating a supportive and non-intimidating environment, some people hate Planet Fitness due to its strict policies and lack of equipment, classes, and freedom in workouts. One of the most talked-about policies is the “lunk alarm,” which goes off when a member grunts too loudly or drops weights too hard. This feature has caused many serious gym-goers to feel embarrassed or judged, leading to criticisms of “gymtimidation.” Additionally, Planet Fitness markets itself as a “Judgment-Free Zone,” but it has been accused of body-shaming by banning certain clothing like tank tops and revealing workout clothes. Some members also complain about the lack of free weights and functional equipment available, limiting the scope of workouts they can perform.

In terms of comparing to other gyms, Planet Fitness may fall short when it comes to the quality of equipment and classes. Some niche gym chains, such as CrossFit gyms or hot yoga studios, specialize in intense workout classes that may be hard to replicate in a Planet Fitness gym. Additionally, some gym-goers may prefer gyms with a broader selection of equipment, such as barbells, bumper plates, or squat racks. However, Planet Fitness does offer standard exercise machines, cardio equipment, and free weights up to a certain limit. The gym also has many classes offered to members, such as yoga, Zumba, and cycling. These classes may not be as intense as those offered by specialized gyms, but they allow members to diversify their workout routines while remaining cost-effective.

How Do The Equipment And Amenities At Planet Fitness Compare To Those At Other Gyms?

Planet Fitness is a low-cost gym that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. However, it has also gained a fair share of critics who are adamant about its shortcomings. Among the reasons, people hate on Planet Fitness is the lack of squat racks, free weights, and barbells. These essentials are not part of the gym’s equipment since the club’s owners believe they intimidate novice gym-goers.

While Planet Fitness’s marketing emphasizes its low cost, it falls behind other gyms in terms of the quality of equipment and classes. Compared to other gyms, Planet Fitness has fewer amenities, and its classes aren’t as diverse. Additionally, personal trainers aren’t always available for sessions, and its machines may not be as advanced as those found in other gyms. Overall, some frequent gym-goers may feel that Planet Fitness is substandard when compared to more luxurious gyms.

On the flip side, Planet Fitness offers a unique experience that caters to a specific audience, including those on a tight budget, people who don’t like overly crowded gyms, and those who are looking for a no-judgment zone. Furthermore, Planet Fitness offers friendly staff, ample parking, and clean workout spaces, all of which contribute to the gym’s appeal. Overall, the gym has its shortcomings, but it offers a low-cost alternative that can work for some people.

Does Planet Fitness Cater More To Casual Or Serious Gym-Goers?

Planet Fitness has been a topic of discussion in the fitness industry for its low membership fees, but it also has its share of critics. One significant reason people hate on Planet Fitness is because of its strict gym policies. For instance, it prohibits grunting, dropping weights, and wearing tank tops or bandanas, which goes against the traditional gym culture. Many fitness enthusiasts feel that these restrictions deter them from having an intense workout. Moreover, some individuals in this field believe that the low membership fees come with sub-standard equipment, which does not support their fitness goals.

On the other hand, Planet Fitness has some advantages over other gyms. In terms of equipment, the gym provides the necessary equipment for a full-body workout, from strength training machines to cardio equipment. Additionally, the gym offers fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, and cycling that are included in the membership fee at no extra cost. They also have friendly and helpful staff that will assist their clients with any concerns. While the gym might not be the ideal place for experienced fitness enthusiasts, it does appeal to beginners or people just starting with their fitness journey because of the low prices and comfortable environment.

In conclusion, Planet Fitness is a gym that has its share of criticism and only appeals to a specific audience. While some individuals find the strict policies and low-quality equipment a turnoff, Planet Fitness is an ideal place for beginners starting their fitness journey. Their fitness class offering and helpful staff make it an inviting environment to try, and their low membership fees bring in individuals who may not have considered a gym membership before.

Are There Limitations Or Restrictions On Types Of Exercises Or Weights Allowed At Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a very popular gym chain, but surprisingly, some people seem to hate it. One of the reasons people hate on Planet Fitness is their “judgment-free” policy. While this may be a positive for some, others feel that the gym lacks the motivation and discipline that come with a more intense and competitive atmosphere. Another reason is the lack of free weights and squat racks, as Planet Fitness caters more towards cardio and machines. This can be frustrating for those looking to train heavy or improve their functional strength.

In terms of equipment and classes, Planet Fitness may not be the best compared to other gyms. They lack specialized equipment and weights for advanced lifters, and their group classes are limited in variety and intensity. However, their equipment is generally well-maintained and clean. As for comparison to other gyms, it really depends on what the individual is looking for. For those who prioritize strength training and competition, gyms like Gold’s Gym or LA Fitness may be more suitable. However, for those looking for affordability and basic fitness equipment, Planet Fitness can be a good option.


In conclusion, Planet Fitness is a gym that has garnered both positive and negative attention. People who hate on the gym highlight its judgment-free policy as a major flaw, while others appreciate the non-intimidating environment. However, when it comes to equipment and classes, Planet Fitness falls short compared to more premium gyms. These establishments prioritize fitness equipment and diverse workout classes. Nonetheless, Planet Fitness offers affordable and accessible gym memberships, which are ideal for people who want to start a fitness journey in a non-judgmental environment. Ultimately, choosing the right gym depends on personal preferences and goals.


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