As the fitness industry grows, more and more fitness YouTubers are emerging with their own approaches to staying fit and healthy. However, one particular fitness YouTuber, Vegan Gains, stands out due to his negative and sometimes aggressive attitude towards other fitness influencers. With controversial content and combative commentary, Vegan Gains has caused a stir within the fitness community. This begs the question, why is Vegan Gains so negative towards other fitness YouTubers? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Is The Fitness Youtuber Vegan Gains So Negative Toward Other Fitness Youtubers

There are several reasons why Vegan Gains, a popular fitness YouTuber, is known for his negative attitude towards other fitness YouTubers. One of the most significant reasons is his strict veganism. Vegan Gains firmly believes that a vegan lifestyle is the only way to achieve optimal health and fitness. As a result, he criticizes other YouTubers who promote a diet that includes animal products. He frequently calls out popular fitness YouTubers who eat meat, such as Furious Pete and CT Fletcher, for promoting unhealthy eating habits.

Another reason for Vegan Gains’ negative attitude is his approach to fitness. He is a proponent of high-intensity training and promotes the use of supplements. He criticizes other YouTubers who promote a more traditional approach to fitness, such as bodybuilding, as he believes that it is outdated and less effective.

Finally, Vegan Gains’ negative attitude may also stem from his controversial personality. He is known for making inflammatory comments and engaging in online arguments with other YouTubers. His negativity towards other YouTubers has garnered attention from both fans and critics, and it has led to several instances of online drama and controversy.

What Is Vegan Gains’ Philosophy On Fitness And Nutrition?

There are several reasons why Vegan Gains, the fitness YouTuber, is often negative towards other fitness YouTubers. Firstly, Vegan Gains has a strong belief in promoting veganism and animal rights, and he often criticizes other fitness YouTubers who do not share his views. He believes that non-vegan diets and animal consumption are unethical and unhealthy, and he is often very vocal about it. This leads him to discredit other fitness YouTubers who do not follow veganism, calling them out for being hypocritical and failing to consider the ethical implications of their diets.

Secondly, Vegan Gains is known for being quite aggressive and controversial in his content, often making inflammatory remarks and videos that spark reactions and debate. This has led to a reputation for being negative towards other fitness YouTubers, and he often gets into arguments and debates with them online. Some people believe that Vegan Gains uses negative attacks on others in order to generate more views and attention for his channel, increasing his media presence and public persona.

Thirdly, Vegan Gains’ strong opinions and views about veganism and animal rights often cause him to clash with other fitness YouTubers. Many of these individuals incorporate animal products into their diets, and they often promote them as being healthy and beneficial. Vegan Gains disagrees with this, arguing that animal products are harmful and unethical, and that they should be avoided at all costs. This can lead to tension and negative interactions between Vegan Gains and his fellow fitness YouTubers, as their beliefs clash and they try to defend their own positions.

How Does Vegan Gains Critique Other Fitness Youtubers?

Vegan Gains, a popular fitness YouTuber who is known for his vegan lifestyle and animal rights activism, has gained notoriety for his negative attitude toward other fitness YouTubers. He often criticizes other content creators for promoting meat-based diets and using performance-enhancing substances, claiming these actions are unethical and harmful to both animals and humans.

Some speculate that Vegan Gains’ hostility toward other YouTubers stems from his passion for animal rights activism. He sees veganism as the solution to many of the problems facing the world today, including climate change, animal cruelty, and food insecurity. As a result, he is critical of anyone who promotes animal products or supplements that he believes contribute to the problems he is seeking to solve.

Others believe that Vegan Gains’ negativity is fueled by his desire to stand out in an oversaturated fitness market. By taking a more extreme stance than other YouTubers, he has been able to carve out a niche for himself and attract a dedicated following. For this reason, some believe that his attacks on other YouTubers are more about marketing than morality.

What Are The Reasons Behind Vegan Gains’ Negative Attitude Towards Others In The Fitness Industry?

Vegan Gains, a well-known fitness YouTuber, has gained a reputation for being highly critical of other fitness YouTubers. He is known for his aggressive and confrontational style, often calling out other popular fitness influencers for promoting unhealthy eating habits or spreading misinformation. One reason for his negativity could be his strong dedication to veganism and animal rights, a lifestyle that may be seen as extreme by some in the fitness community.

Furthermore, Vegan Gains may feel that other fitness influencers are not doing enough to promote ethical and sustainable practices when it comes to nutrition and exercise. He is known for his strong views on issues such as factory farming and animal testing, and he may feel that other popular fitness YouTubers are not doing enough to address these concerns. Additionally, he may see the market for fitness influencers as oversaturated and may be deliberately trying to stand out from the crowd by being more aggressive and controversial.

Has Vegan Gains’ Approach Helped Or Hindered His Success As A Youtuber?

Vegan Gains is a popular fitness YouTuber who has gained a significant following due to his veganism and his outspoken nature. One aspect that sets Vegan Gains apart from other fitness YouTubers is his negative attitude and tendency to criticize other YouTubers within the fitness community.

One reason for his negativity is that he strongly advocates for veganism and sees it as the only moral and ethical way to live. When other fitness YouTubers promote a non-vegan lifestyle, Vegan Gains sees this as promoting animal cruelty and environmental destruction, two causes he is deeply passionate about. Furthermore, he believes that other YouTubers are being dishonest by promoting animal products for financial gain, rather than truly believing in their health benefits.

Another reason for Vegan Gains’ negativity is that he believes many other fitness YouTubers give bad advice, particularly with regards to steroid use and extreme dieting techniques. Vegan Gains believes that many fitness YouTubers promote unnatural methods of achieving a certain physique, which can be dangerous and detrimental to one’s health. He wants to ensure his followers don’t fall into the trap of using these dangerous methods and instead focus on natural, ethical ways of achieving fitness goals.


After delving into the motives behind Vegan Gains’ negativity towards other fitness YouTubers, it appears that his approach stems from a strong belief in his ethical values and the desire to spread awareness about veganism to the masses. While his methods may come across as harsh and off-putting to some, it is clear that his ultimate goal is to inspire change in people’s lifestyles and to make a positive impact on the world. Although there may be more constructive ways of achieving his objectives, Vegan Gains’ passionate approach has certainly sparked important conversations about the intersection of fitness, ethics, and personal beliefs.

By Freya